Eazicolor 6.35 Dark Chestnut Blonde in Color Correction Technique

  • Wash your hair and fully dry them.
  • Tangle-free your hair and make four sections for dye.
  • Make a mixture of Eazicolor professional tube 6.35 (60 ml), 6.0 (30 ml) with 20 volume (90 ml). (1:1)
  • Start from the nap area and apply color on thin strands one by one.
  • Give it at least 30 minutes at the room temperature of 32C.
  • Wash with Eazicare color lock shampoo and then apply Eazicare Color lock conditioner.
  • For better results, you can use an Eazicare intensive deep repair hair mask.
  • Blow-dry your hair and enjoy the amazing results of Eazicolor Dark Chestnut Blonde.

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