Eazicolor Shade Card Guide

You are thinking of bringing a beautiful change in your look by dying hair but you are confused about where to start? Rest assured because we are here to guide you through our Eazicolor shade card that has a versatile series of colors. Different hues for different tastes and likings. Choose whatever fits your personality the best and spend your days colorfully.

Eazicolor Shade Card

Eazicolor shade card comes with 20 series of aesthetic shades that will give you the hair of your dreams.

  1. Natural series:

The very first series of Eazicolor shade card is the natural series. Natural series consists of shades closest to the natural hair color of people. Eazicolor made this series taking in consideration all kind of tones that appears naturally in people. Be it hair of an African (the darkest, 1-2 level), of an Asian (which falls somewhere in the middle,3-6 level), or European (mostly lighter 7-10 level), we take care of all of them. That’s why our natural series contain 9 shades, beginning from the darkest black hue to the lightest blonde hue.


Black                                            1.0

Medium Blonde                           7.0

Dark Brown                                3.0

Light Blonde                                  8.0

Medium Brown                         4.0

Very Light Blonde                         9.0

Light Brown                                5.0

Lightest Blonde                            10.0

Dark Blonde                               6.0



Eazicolor Natural Series


  1. Blonde Booster:

Blonde booster in Eazicolor shade card is a transparent color that is used for lifting color up to 2- 3levels. It can also lift color up to 6 levels if you use it with 30-40 volume. It also assists in changing the intensity levels of mixing color.

Eazicolor Blonde Booster

  1. Cool Natural Series:

The third series in Eazicolor shade card comes with a double intensity of tints. It is stronger than natural series. This series best complements people with cool undertones. It creates very natural looking cool results. The cool natural series is also ideal for providing a 100% grey hair coverage.


Cool Natural Light Brown           5.00

Cool Natural Dark Blonde                6.00

Cool Natural Medium Blonde    7.00

Cool Natural Light Blonde                8.00



 Eazicolor Cool Natural Series

  1. Golden Series:

The fourth series in the Eazicolor shade card is the golden series. It is designed to create warm golden tones in the hair. Golden series has a warm base with reflective gold highlights that create dimension and radiance to the hair. It suits best on people with warm skin tone and is good to go for the one’s who prefer warmth in blonde hues.


Medium Golden Brown                  4.3

Medium Golden Blonde                    7.3

Light Golden Brown                         5.3

Light Golden Blonde                           8.3

Dark Golden Blonde                        6.3

Very Light Golden Blonde                  9.3



 Eazicolor Golden Series

  1. Warm Natural Series:

This series in Eazicolor shade card is designed to enhance the natural warmth in hair. Ideal for people who desire natural-looking color with passion and depth. Since its undertone pigment is warm so it helps to bring out the natural warmth in hair, giving a soft and flattering look.


Light Natural Warm Brown               5NW

Dark Natural Warm Blonde                 6NW

Medium Natural warm Blonde        7NW



Eazicolor Warm Natural Series


  1. Chocolate Series

The chocolate series in Eazicolor shade card is designed to provide a rich and sophisticated look for your hair. These hues are inspired by the rich, decadent color of chocolate. It very well complements deep brown eyes. The chocolate series is ideal for people wishing for a matte finish in their hair color.


Dark Chocolate                                    4C

Milk Chocolate                                        5C

Cappuccino                                           6C



Eazicolor Chocolate Series


  1. Mahogany Series:

The seventh one in the Eazicolor shade card is the mahogany series which is known for its rich reddish-brown tones that add warm and depth to any hair color. It not only gives a touch of warmth but also adds luster and a pop of boldness. It gives 100% grey hair coverage.


Medium Mahogany Brown                 4.5

Light Mahogany Brown                        5.5

Dark Mahogany Blonde                       6.5



Eazicolor Mahogany Series


  1. Absolute Red Series:

The absolute red series in Eazicolor shade card combines the warmth of brown and violet tones with the vibrancy of red tones. It’s a popular choice among people who desire something more than just plain warm brown.


Medium Red Brown                             4.6

Light Red Brown                                 5.6

Medium Red Violet Brown                  4.62

Light Red Violet Brown                      5.62


 Eazicolor absolute red series

  1. Intense Red Series:

This series in Eazicolor shade card is the most daring and dramatic series that is sure to turn heads. The two colors in this series will help to create a stunning fiery look. It is great for light to medium skin types.


Light Vivid Red Brown                   5.66

Light Vivid Red Blonde                    8.66


Eazicolor Intense Red Series


  1. Chestnut series

Chestnut series in our shade card features both gold and mahogany reflections. It resembles colors of chestnuts. It is a versatile option for those wanting to add depth and warmth to hair without being too bold or dramatic.


Medium Chestnut Brown                4.35

Light Chestnut Brown                      5.35

Dark Chestnut Blonde                      6.45

Medium Chestnut Blonde               7.35


Eazicolor Chestnut Series


  1. Cocoa Series:

Inspired by warm rich shades of cocoa, this series in Eazicolor shade card is a beautiful collection of colors. The cocoa shades have dark base with subtle highlights. These colors beautifully complement warm complexions. You can wear a soft or dramatic, any look by choosing from dark to light shades of cocoa series.


Light Mocha Brown                        5.003

Dark Mocha Blonde                         6.003

Medium Mocha Blonde                7.003

Light Mocha Blonde                         8.003


Eazicolor Cocoa Series


  1. Copper Series:

Featuring rich warm copper tones, this series in Eazicolor shade card offers you to attain a fiery, vibrant look. It has two shades.


Light Copper Brown                           5.4

Dark Copper Blonde                           6.4


Eazicolor Copper Series


  1. Copper Golden Series:

Copper Golden series in Eazicolor shade card is a collection of warm, golden tones with rich copper hues. It offers a stunning multidimensional look.


Medium Copper Golden Brown      4.43

Light Copper Golden Brown              5.43

Dark Copper Golden Blonde            6.43


Eazicolor Copper Golden Series


  1. Intense Copper Series:

Eazicolor shade card features two shades in intense copper series that is a blend of intense copper tones with hints of red. It adds drama and intensity to your dull and boring locks.


Medium Intense Copper Blonde          7.44

Light Intense Copper Blonde               8.44


Eazicolor Intense Copper Series

  1. Ash Series:

Ash series is a blessed series of colors for cool and neutral skin tones. The shades ranging from dark to very light natural ash blonde offers a cool and muted look. Ash series in Eazicolor shade card is specifically preferred for those who like a soft, low-key natural look. It is utilized aesthetically in high and lowlights to give depth and dimension to any color.


Dark Natural Ash Blonde                       6.1

Medium Natural Ash Blonde               7.1

Light Natural Ash Blonde                       8.1

Very Light Natural Ash Blonde            9.1


Eazicolor Ash Series


  1. Natural Ash Golden Series:

For a multidimensional vibe, this series in Eazicolor shade card shows a combination of cool, ashy, warm and golden tones. This combination of tones offers a beautiful balance that complements a variety of complexions. These shades are used mostly for creating high or lowlight effects. It is seen to be the most in trend recently.


Light Natural Ash Golden Blonde            8.13

Very Light Natural Ash Golden Blonde    9.13



 Eazicolor Natural Ash Golden Series

  1. Power Blonde Series:

The shades in power blonde series are all high lifting hues that are suitable for cool skin tones who aspire a bold head turning look. The high lifting hues when added to any hairstyle creates a bold and edgy touch.


Hi Lift Natural Blonde     11.0

Hi Lift Ash Blonde            11.1

Hi Lift Beige Blonde        11.13


Eazicolor Power Blonde Series


  1. Super Light Blond Series:

Slightly warmer than power blonde, super light blonde series features three shades that gives off soft, buttery hues. Both these series require high maintenance and regular touch up routines.


Super Platinum Blonde   12.2

Super Ash Ice Blonde      12.19

Super Ice Blonde           12.9


Eazicolor Super Light Blonde Series


  1. Grey Series:

Grey series in Eazicolor shade card helps to create a unique and avant-garde look that is both bold and sophisticated. This series is mostly utilized to create highlights or in balayage.



Smokey Grey

Silver Grey


Eazicolor Grey Series


  1. Mixing Colors:

The mixing color series in Eazicolor shade card extends versatility. The colors in this series are mixed together to create a wide variety of custom shades making it a creative option with endless possibilities.









Eazicolor Mixing Colors