Eazicolor Hair Color For Beard

Color 1.0 Black

Eazicolor hair color for beard is a fusion of chroma technology with argan oil. It would furnish an ideal grey coverage in the beard. The shade of the beard and hair would be of equal tone. The hair color for beard is available in 4 shades. The beard kit is the perfect product in terms of quality, quantity, and content. It is also a budget friendly product, everything which would be needed to apply the product would be provided in the box.

How to use the eazicolor hair color for beard?

  • Wash your beard gently with a mild shampoo.
  • Let it dry, then use a comb or brush to detangle your beard.
  • Put on the gloves provided in the kit.
  • Make a smooth mixture of the dye and developer in a non-metallic bowl.
  • Hold the brush and start applying the mixture from the roots to all of your beard hairs.
  • Work in small sections of the beard to fully saturate the hair.
  • Once the processing time is over, wash your beard gently with lukewarm water.


  • Do not forget to do a patch test first before dying your beard to avoid any allergic reactions.
  • Don’t leave the beard dye on for a longer period.

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