Eaziplex Fibre Bond System

Eaziplex Fiber Bond System

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Clarifying Anti-Residue shampoo:

Eazicolor is offering its clarifying Anti residue shampoo which is the starting step of Eaziplex treatment. It does not just act as a shampoo, it prepares your hair for treatment. Clarifying Anti-Residue shampoo assists with eliminating abundance oil, contamination buildup, item build-ups and dulling residue in only one use.

Step 1: Eaziplex bond builder:

Eaziplex bond builder is here to give you complete hair advantages. It is intended to get strength and anti-hair fall benefits when it is blended in with any hair color. Joined with the fiber bond technology hair is ensured all through the synthetic cycle to get less harm. It is very well utilized as a solitary treatment substance to improve the integrity of your hair. It can single-handedly manage whole hair care for you.

Step 2: Bond sealer:

Eaziplex bond sealer is a defensive and supporting treatment cream that reinforces the bonds that are framed in step 1 with Eaziplex bond builder. It smooths and seals the hair shaft for smoother, sleeker and livelier color results. Apply after coloring/treatment to get maximum results.

Step 3: Bond sustainer:

Ultimate conditioning treatment with fiber bond technology. It contains the equivalent fixings as Eaziplex bond developer and Bond sealer. This reinforcing conditioner keeps on connecting bonds inside the hair keeping up with solid, sound hair for long. Simply use it two times per week to get conspicuous outcomes.

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