Eazistraight Keratin treatment

Eazistraight keratin treatment is a hair straightening treatment that fills the hair with keratin protein. It makes hair so smoother and silkier that your finger dream will be fulfilled. This unique formula not only offers smoothness and silkiness but also provides extra hair care for a long time. Besides all these properties keratin treatment is much more reliable and easy to use because it does have only 3 steps to cover. Now damaged, frizzy, and rough hairs are left behind in the past because Eazistraight keratin treatment "The Ultimate Solution" is available for you.

How to use keratin treatment?

  • The first step in the keratin treatment is deep hair cleansing. Eazicare clarifying shampoo is a strong cleansing shampoo that is used to deep cleanse the hair. It removes all the build ups of oil, dirt, and other impurities in the scalp with its strong cleansing agents. Clarifying shampoo clears the scalp and prepares the hair for a good deposition of keratin products.
  • In the second step, you need to apply the keratin treatment to the hair. Make sure the hair is dry.
  • Take fine strands of hair and apply the keratin treatment evenly on them.
  • Emulsify the product carefully from top to bottom using your fingertips.
  • Use the smooth side of a comb to rub strands of hair from top to bottom. This will help in a good deposition of the keratin treatment.
  • Leave the keratin product on the hair for a time period of 15 to 40 minutes depending on the condition of the hair.
  • Take the blow dryer with a diffuser at its end and dry the product on the hair with it. Let it blow in the downward direction.
  • Use a round brush with harsh bristles while blow drying.
  • The heat must be kept between 190 to 300 F° depending on the type and condition of hair.
  • Let the hair rest for 10 minutes.
  • The next step includes sealing keratin protein using a flat iron (Use a straightener with ceramic plates for optimal results).
  • Apply Eazicare hair serum on hair first to protect hair from heat damage.
  • Keep the hair stretched and straighten it taking fine strands. This will help to seal protein in the hair properly.
  • Keep the straightener work between 150 to 250 F°.
  • Let the hair rest for the rest of the day after straightening them. This will help deposit the protein properly in the cortex of your hair.
  • After some time, you must rinse your hair with gentle strokes of fingers.
  • The last step requires conditioning your hair.
  • Apply Total Repair Conditioner thoroughly on hair and wait for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair and blow dry it.
  • Enjoy the flawless finish.


  • Do not wash your hair with clarifying shampoo more than once
  • Avoid washing your hair after 3 days of keratin treatment


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Sidra Malik
Good product

Its fantastic product..keratin treatment products.. highly recomended to my frnds & family.


I like your product and 💞
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Awais Soomro
Awesome Product

It's very Good product. I Suggest to all

Salman Gul
Excellent products

Excellent products

Love this bundle

The main reason to try this bundle is mine rough hairs. i want something can make my hairs smooth straight silky and nourished so i found this bundle and i'm really satisfied. Many people in my circle using their different products and i heared always positive reviews.
And my personal review about eazicolor is that i give them of course 10 over the 10.

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