How To Color Your Hair At Home With Just One Hair Color Product?

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Personal care and beauty revolve around self expression and redefining one's style, with hair color holding a special place in this realm. Yet, the chemicals that we commonly find in hair dyes, such as ammonia, can pose potential risks to both hair and health. A more groundbreaking solution involves hair color kits for women. These color kits with ammonia free formula, have surfaced to provide women with a safer and livelier hair coloring experience. In this article, let’s delve into why we need hair color kits for women and how they benefit women.

Hair color kits for women:

Women's hair kits are a package of supplies assembled to help color and improve hair. With these kits, one can achieve various looks without a salon visit. This saves both time and money. The kit provides women with a diverse set of product and tool options to aid in the coloring procedure.

Eazicolor premium hair color kit for women:

Eazicolor Premium Hair Color for Women is created to prioritize women’s health and hair’s innate beauty. The kit is made with a formula free from ammonia. It delivers a gentle coloring experience, leaving your hair looking vibrant and feeling soft. Eazicolor's unique aspect lies in its commitment to achieving even and high quality shades. It utilizes an expertly formulated, thin layer of color that coats each strand from root to tip.

Hair Color For Women

The formulation is infused with Omega 9 and Argan Oil which not only imparts striking color but also nourishes for a revitalized appearance. Beyond color, the kit incorporates a hair treatment mask that effectively manages frizz. It introduces more weight and volume, resulting in hair that has a beautiful color and soft texture. With Eazicolor, the focus isn't merely on changing your hair; it's about embracing your confidence and expressing yourself authentically.

How is hair color for women kits different from usual hair colors?

It is different from the traditional hair color for women in the following ways:

  • Gentle formula:

    Hair color for women like Eazicolor premium kit is made with a formula free of ammonia. The ammonia free hair color kits prioritize and maintain hair health. It minimizes risk of damage, allergy and dryness. It gives a milder coloring experience. This makes it suitable for people with sensitive scalps and those looking for a comfortable experience.

  • Complete hair color solution:

    Kits don’t need a separate developer. The kit itself includes the mild developer with the hair color formula to activate the dye and facilitate the coloration process. A hallmark of these kits is the inclusion of a conditioning treatment.
    Complete hair color kit pack
    Eazicolor hair color for women kit contains a post color conditioning treatment. This treatment helps restore moisture, softness, and shine to the hair post coloring, which is especially beneficial for maintaining hair health.

  • Nourishing Ingredients:

    Many coloring kits incorporate nourishing ingredients like natural oils. Eazicolor hair color for women kit includes Argan Oil and Omega 9 nutrients. These provide smooth coloring procedure and contribute to the overall health and appearance of the hair.

  • Odorless Application:

    Ammonia free kits often provide a more pleasant application experience. They lack the strong an unpleasant ammonia odor associated with traditional dyes.

  • Handy Usage:

    Ammonia free kits are versatile and can cater to a wide range of hair types. Those with fine or damaged hair can feel free of care. They can also be a suitable option for pregnant women who wish to avoid certain chemicals.                                                

Why do women need hair coloring kits?

  • Convenience:

    Eliminating the need for separate items, hair color kits provide all the necessary tools and products in one convenient package. With this, individuals can now experience salon treatment at home. This makes the kits ideal for those who live a busy lifestyle or have limited access to professional services. Convenience is definitely one of the benefits of these kits.
  • Cost friendly:

    The cost of going to a salon for hair color can add up. It demands the service, transportation and the possibility of waiting time. A more economical choice for hair dyeing are the color kits. They provide professional looking outcomes at an affordable prize.
  • Time management:

    You're in charge of when and how you dye your hair with a hair coloring kit. No more waiting around for a salon time that fits your schedule. Select the moment that works for you.
  • Personal preference:

    You can uniquely tailor your appearance by selecting from a diverse array of shades that hair coloring kits offer. Eazicolor hair color kit comes in 11 distinct shades and is great for the grey hair coverage at home. This customization allows for a look that is according to your personal preference.
  • Experimenting looks:

    With hair color kits, experimentation is a fun filled venture that prompts creative expression and thinking outside the box. Try out highlights, ombré effects, or different colors, all without making a long term commitment to a permanent transformation.
  • Safe application:

    Coloring your hair with a kit allows for a safe and controlled application. With this approach, you have complete control over the process. This can be beneficial in preventing damage to your hair. Focus on the areas that require color and don’t worry about over processing.


How to use Eazicolor Premium Hair Color Kit for Women:

  • Ensure your hair is both clean and thoroughly dry before embarking on the hair coloring process. This sets the ideal canvas for the color application.
  • Prior to using the hair color kit, wear gloves. This protects your hands from staining and ensures a mess free application.
  • Combine the hair color and developer in a seamless 1:1 ratio. Stir well until you achieve a smooth and consistent mixture. This crucial step guarantees an even color result.
  • Utilize the provided coloring brush to evenly apply the mixture to your hair. Start from the roots, allowing the color to flow all the way down to the tips.
  • The color's desired depth guides the waiting time. Let the color sit on your hair for 20 to 40 minutes, ensuring that it attains the perfect hue.
  • After the designated time has passed, thoroughly rinse your hair until the water runs clear. This signifies that the excess color is washed out.
  • Conditioning Touch: Complete the process with a touch of luxury – apply the provided conditioner. This nourishing step leaves your hair feeling soft, manageable, and conditioned.

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