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Ever heard one direction's ''What makes you beautiful''? Wondered what makes you beautiful? Hair. Your hair makes you look beautiful as it contributes to 90% of one's overall sense of beauty. Your hairs are the first and foremost recognizable part of your beauty. It sets the tone for your absolute look. A well-groomed hair look is key to a confident and happy day.

But what about those unexpected grey hair coming out of nowhere?

Keep calm and leave your worries to us. The popping of strands of grey hairs is a natural and inevitable process of aging. Although, some grey hairs show their appearance in the early 20s or 30s due to some underlying health factors or genetics there’s no need to panic as every problem comes with a solution, and what’s better if it’s a colorful solution?

Grey Hair

The grey strands can either be welcomed confidently as a sign of wisdom, flaunted boldly, or managed by painting them with beautiful hues. Sounds colorful?

Don’t Panic. Make your grey streaks play with some colors

Eazicolor boons you some appealing shades of hair dyes that you can use with your own preferred method to paint your grey streaks.

Natural Colors:

Going from 1.0 Black to 10.0 Lightest Blonde are all Eazicolor Professional’s natural shades. Most people prefer darker shades to cover their grey hairs as it gives them a youthful appearance. Thus, Eazicolor professional’s 1.0 Black, 3.0 Dark Brown, 4.0 Medium Brown, and 5.0 Light Brown shades are all ideal for them. All these colors can be effortlessly used with 20 volume for your grey hair coverage.

Eazicolor Natural Hair Colors

Ultimate Colors:

Ultimate colors are one step ahead of our natural series as they are more pigmented and give better coverage. The series includes 5.00 Cool Natural Light Brown, 6.00 Cool Natural Dark Blonde, 7.00 Cool Natural Medium Blonde, and 8.00 Cool Natural Light Blonde shades. The chain of Ultimate color just like that of natural shades is safe to go with 20 Volume.

Eazicolor Ultimate Colors

Fashion Shades:

Dying hair with different fashion shades is fun. Shades from 0.00 Blonde Booster are all stunning fashion shades that can be applied with 25% of natural or ultimate colors.

Application Approach:

Different application approaches can be opted to dye hairs according to one’s own preference keeping in mind the condition and type of individual’s hair.

  • Always wash your hair and dry them properly before the initiation of any method.

Pre-Softening Method:

Some grey hairs are annoying and pretty stubborn to handle, aren’t they? Sure, that’s bothersome because as you age, the cuticle layer of hair becomes thicker and more tightly packed, making it more difficult for hair dye to deposit color, thus 20 volume is applied and then left on hairs for about 10 to 15 minutes in order to soften the cuticles that prepare the hair for the deposition of color. Fashion shade can be then applied by mixing the same level of natural shades. The level of natural shade although depends upon the condition of grey hair.

Permanent Method:

Some of you might find touching up your hair every now and then quite troublesome, don’t you? And you might as well prefer some long-lasting results. Probably because of your busy working schedule or perhaps you want a confidence boost? Whatever your reason is, permanent hair color is a bold decision for grey hair coverage. It lifts the natural color of hair by several shades since it contains a powerful lightener and it allows a more effective grey hair coverage.

Eazicolor Shade Card

So, there’s nothing bad in lusting over vibrant colors but dying with permanent color needs careful measures as it can cause irritation and burning to the skin due to its strong formula.

Be at ease, Eazicolor professional is there for you. Pick any shade tube, either from natural or fashion series, and apply directly on your hair (no developer involvement) but make sure to first apply on the length and ends of your hair before bumping onto roots. Then leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. After that use any fashion shade of your choice and apply it to 30 or 40 volume. You will get your desired results.

Demi Permanent Method:

Don’t want to change your look? No painting all hair? Can’t bare ammonia? No worries you can always opt for our demi permanent box dyes. They will only target your grey hair coverage and they are all ammonia-free colors. They have a very low volume, which barely opens the cuticles for deposition of the desired color. They can stay up to 12 to 24 washes. It completely cover your grey hair like your hair are wearing a hoodie of color.

Bored? Wanna play with pigments?

Eazicolor Professionals brings to you the very alluring 6 pigmented mixing colors. That can be used to coat your silver strands. Let me tell you how.

  • If you desire a bold tint, opt for the red pigment, add 20 Volume and use it with 4 or 5 levels of Eazicolor Professionals.
  • Feel like picking coper? Then use copper with exactly 20 volume and mix it with 6 or 7 levels of Eazicolor Professionals.
  • Yellow is your happy color? Take yellow then, add 20 volume and apply with 8 or 9 levels of Eazicolor Professionals.


Coating greys on streak hairs:

Don’t want your highlights to lose their charm? Be confident. You can opt to only shade your silver strands by using 5.35 and 6.35 levels of the fashion series with just 20 volume to keep your hair as fresh and charming as before.

Keep it locked:

  • Always keep in mind your internal health condition before going for a hair dye as internal factors have a really big impact on your outer appearance. Conditions like Anaemia, thalassemia, hormonal imbalance, etc will affect the deposition of color on hair and it also varies from person to person.
  • It is important to dry your freshly washed hair 100% before dying them with Eazicolor Professionals for perfect grey hair coverage.
  • Remember that Clarifying shampoos are stronger than regular shampoos since it opens cuticles quite suitably.
  • Never shampoo your hair right after the procedure as it can alter the process.
  • Make a mental note of using conditioner after every wash and a hair mask once a week if you want your perfectly painted hair to stay outclass.
  • Keep in mind that color lock shampoo is your savior if you are a regular dying person.

Keep in mind, your grey hairs are unique, they embrace as a sign of maturity and flaunt with pride because of painting it or not. You will always be your very own version of beautiful because after all ‘’that’s what makes you beautiful’’.

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