Best Ways To Treat Oily Hair In Summer

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Despite changes in the season, you always want to have beautiful glossy hair. Summer is on our doors but doesn’t come alone, it comes with sweating, greasy, and oily hair.  If you are already stressed with oily hair, then in summer it becomes greasier. Despite your countless efforts to look fresh, you end up with oily hair at the end of the day because of sweating. But don’t fret, today we are talking about the best and easiest ways to deal with oily hair in summer.

What is oily hair?

The hair follicles are attached to the Sebaceous Glands that creates the Sebum. This is a natural oil that lubricates the hair and protects it against external factors. When the balance of the Sebaceous gland fluctuates and becomes overactive, it produces excess Sebum which causes oily hair.

Reasons to have oily hair in summer

  • Sweating:

    Many people experience more oily hair than others, especially in the summer season. The sweating that occurs in summer, becomes an addition for oily hair. This assists the oil in traveling toward the hair follicle and covers the hair which becomes the reason for oily hair.
    Sweating In Head
  • Hot weather:

    Sweating is not the only culprit for oily hair, due to hot weather your body temperature increases which triggers the Sebaceous gland to over-production of Sebum which makes your hair oily and greasy.
    Women In Hot Weather

Does excess oil cause Hair Loss?

People often notice that their hair starts to shed in summer. Heat in summer stimulates the Sebaceous Gland to produce extra oil. The overproduction of oil feeble the hair follicles, which are the foundation of your hair. This unnecessary secretion of oil weakens the grip of hair roots. This deteriorated condition causes hair to fall out easily and affects the growth of new hair strands.

Dominant ways to deal with oily hair in summer

Are you one of those groups of people who are conscious about their looks? And worrying about how they can deal with oily hair in summer. Then your stress is over now, here are some easy methods to treat oily hair in summer.

  1. Clarifying shampoo:

    In summer people get fed up with oily hair because of unusual itching and irritation. It occurs due to build-ups as oily hair attracts more dust and dirt. These build-ups also block hair growth. Eazicolor presents Eazicare Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo which is specially designed for oily hair. It deeply cleanses the hair to remove excess oil, dirt, and build-ups from oily hair as well as improves the health of your hair strands. This summer shampoo your hair with Eazicare Anti-residue Clarifying Shampoo twice a month for oil-free hair.
  2. Scheduled hair-washing:

    Summer and sweating both come together which means it creates more greasy and oily hair. In summer, our hair requires deep care and cleansing by scheduled hair washing. If you already have oily hair then in summer it going to be worse. To prevent your hair from greasiness wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week. If your hair needs daily washing then wash it with Eazicare Sulfate-free shampoo.
  3. Aloe Vera Mask:

    Aloe Vera is very beneficial in summer due to its soothing properties. Using an Aloe Vera mask helps a lot because it eliminates contamination from the hair. In summer, the Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Mask is a blessing for Oily hair. It’s made up of Aloe Vera, which is rich in Lipase Enzyme. Which helps to eradicate accumulated oil from hair while leaving hair silky, soft, and oil-free. Apply Hair Mask twice a week on wet hair for 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. Avoid styling tools:

    Due to the hot weather in summer, the Sebaceous gland is already overactive and produces unnecessary Sebum. When an individual uses heat styling tools, it triggers the Sebaceous gland to produce unnecessary oil. Try to avoid heat-styling tools as much as possible in the summer season to prevent oily hair.
  5. Clean your Hair Brush:

    Clean your hair brush from time to time in summer because dead skin cells accumulate in your hair brush if you don’t clean it. The dirt and accumulation can transfer into your clean hair through a hair brush. So it’s an important thing to do in summer to clean your brush over time to avoid sticky and oily hair.
  6. Use Non-Greasy Products:

    Are you obsessed with hair oils? But in summer, when oil and sweating interact, it not only makes your hair oilier but also makes your hair look flat. So try to avoid oily and greasy products. Incorporate lightweight, non-greasy products such as Eazicare Hair Serum in your summer hair care routine to avoid oily hair. It has Argon Oil properties which assist in making you more manageable and sleek while giving a non-greasy appearance.

The Bottom Line

Everyone desires to have fresh and stunning hair in all seasons but the summer season doesn’t allow it all. Sweating causes sticky and oily hair, those who already have oily hair their hair become oiler than ever. In this guide, we discuss some easy and best ways to treat oily hair this summer. You just have to follow these guidelines such as using a clarifying shampoo, scheduled hair washing, using lightweight non-sticky products, and using an Aloe Vera mask. This helps you a lot to get oil-free hair without spoiling your summer looks!

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