Best Hair Wash Routine For Your Hair

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The first and foremost thing that someone notices about you is obviously your hair. Hair plays a significant role in a person’s appearance and personality. You may often notice that people with healthy and gorgeous hair have a great level of confidence and look attractive. This can be You too!

You can also enhance your hair’s vivacity and flaunt your stunning hair with pride. You just have to follow the appropriate Hair Wash Routine. Eazicolor professionals suggest the best hair wash routine for your hair because we care about you!

Massage your hair before washing:

Your hair needs to be prepared for washing. Washing your hair is relaxing but somehow it’s a dry process. Include an oil massage in your hair wash routine. Take a few drops of coconut or almond oil and gently massage your scalp for 5 to 6 minutes. Massaging not only makes you feel relaxed but also stimulates blood circulation and accelerates hair growth.
Head Massage

Use Mild Shampoo:

Many of us often don’t read the labels of hair products we use in our hair wash routine. But most of the time unknowingly we have been using sulfate based shampoos which deprived our hair of its essential oils. If you ever notice any type of itching or irritation on the scalp or your hair loses its shine and glossiness then regular shampoo in your hair wash routine needs to be replaced with Eazicare Sulfate Free shampoo. It very gently cleans your hair while maintaining the integrity of your hair.
Sulfate Free Shampoo


After shampooing, the next thing you have to add to your hair wash routine is conditioner. Using conditioner is very easy. Right? This is what you think, you just have to apply a moderate amount of conditioner on wet hair and then rinse it but it's not as simple as you do. Firstly, you have to squeeze extra water from your hair then apply Eazicare Keratin Complex Conditioner on your hair for 4 to 5 minutes. Eazicare Keratin complex conditioner serves as a cornerstone of your hair wash routine and provides strength as well as hydration to your hair strands.
Keratin Conditioner

Deep Conditioning:

Whenever you feel that your hair is frizzy and dehydrated despite using conditioner then your hair needs extra pampering. Do the addition of deep conditioning in your hair wash routine in the disguise of Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask. This hair mask refills your hair with moisture as well as also repairs damaged and brittle hair. After washing your hair, apply a hair mask on your damped hair for 5 to 7 minutes then rinse it off.
Eazicare Hair Mask

After Hair Wash:

If you are inspired by someone just for her glossy hair and longing to achieve this. Then follow your after wash hair routine with Eazicare Hair Serum. It provides a protective coating on your hair shaft, locks the moisture, deflects environmental pollutants, also bestows your hair with a sleek, bouncy, and lustrous appearance. Apply a few drops of hair mask on your towel-dry hair.
Eazicare Hair Serum

Wash Hair With Normal Water:

In your regular hair wash routine, wash your hair with normal tap water. It can easily be done in the summer, but in winter it may be a little bit difficult. However, you need to know that hot water eliminates hair’s essential oils, on the other hand, normal water keeps the hair cuticle sealed and allows the shampoo and conditioner to do their jobs well. This hack assists your hair to look more even, shiny, and vigorous.

Clean Water

Dry Gently:

The way you dry your hair is also very important and cannot be neglected. We often use blow dryers or roughly rub our hair with a cotton towel. But these methods can adversely damage your hair cuticles. So save your hair’s health and let it dry naturally or just squeeze excessive water with the help of a towel. Because your hair needs gentle care!
Dry Gently

Control Washing Frequency:

Are you one of those who love to wash their hair every day? then you are going to be a little bit disappointed after knowing that regularly washing your hair strips away the natural oils and nutrients while leaving your hair frizzy. That does not sound good. So for the sake of your hair, you have to change your hair wash routine and control how often you wash your hair. In a week, wash your hair 2 or 3 times depending on the requirement of your hair.


Extra treatment:

Besides with regular hair wash routine, sometimes it’s okay to give your hair extra attention and care. Provide your hair extra treatment with the Eaziplex Fiber Bond system. This treatment contains 4 items Eazicare Anti-residue Clarifying Shampoo, Eaziplex Bond Builder, Eaziplex Bond Selaer, and Eaziplex Bond Sustainer. It nourishes the hair and creates new sulfate bonds. It is perfect for damaged, brittle, and chemically treated hair. You can take this treatment once or twice a month.
Plex Treatment

    Benefits of Hair wash routine

    Following an appropriate hair wash routine can have these benefits:

    • A proper hair wash routine keeps your scalp clean from dirt and pollutants.
    • It helps to maintain your hair and contributes to the overall hygiene of your scalp.
    • Following a hair wash routine stimulates hair growth.
    • It helps to enhance the vitality, shine, and overall appearance of the hair by keeping it clean.


    The bottom line

    Everyone desires gorgeous hair but it needs special attention and care. Basically, it starts with how you wash your hair. By following the appropriate hair wash routine, you can achieve healthy and stunning hair. A proper hair wash routine not only keeps your scalp clean but also maintains the hygiene of the scalp by preventing dirt and pollutants. So just start to follow the hair wash routine and be ready to become the center of attention with your precious hair.

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