How to Make Your Blonde and Ash Tones Stay Longer?

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Nowadays, no one wants to stay behind in the race to follow trending fashion, and for this purpose, the first thing they do is change their hair color to achieve their desired look. Undoubtedly, hair transformations provide them with a refreshing and flattering appearance. But the maintenance of trending tones like Blonde and Ash hair color can be challenging. So keeping in view the rising interest of people towards ash or blonde hair color, Eazicolor Professionals suggest some simple tips and tricks to alleviate the longevity of your blonde and ash tones.

Solutions to make your blonde and ash tones stay longer

Purple shampoo for Ash Tones:

Over time, ash hair color gives a yellow, brassy unwanted tone. This is an indication that your hair color is skipping and leaving your hair rough and dull. But don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem named Purple shampoo.

Eazicare Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo also known as purple or violet shampoo is specially designed for ash hair color. It works as a neutralizer to keep your ash hair color vivacious and brass-free. It perfectly restores your ash hair color as it seems you recently stepped out of the salon. We recommend using Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo twice a month for optimal results.

Eazicare Purple Shampoo


Hydrating mask for Ash tones:

Hair dyeing is a procedure that needs some extra care than usual. Otherwise, it can make your hair strands dehydrated due to negligence. After that, your hair strands require deep conditioning, and what if you find a 2-in-1 item that not only deeply moisturizes your hair but also enhances your ash hair color’s duration? Eazicare Super Silver no Yellow Mask has deep hydrating properties as well as a violet pigment that neutralizes unwanted yellow and weird tones.

Eazicare violet hair mask


Blue Shampoo for Blonde tones:

Over time, your blonde hair color becomes brassy due to natural elements. So it’s essential to maintain your blonde tones with the help of Blue shampoo.

But be cautious, when you select blue shampoo for your blonde hair color, as some shampoos are too pigmented or make your hair dry. We recommend Eazicare Super Cool No Orange Shampoo. It contains blue pigment which defuses brass and undesirable orange tones. Moreover, it furnishes your hair strands with a soft, smooth, and shiny appearance.

Blue Shampoo


Don’t skip deep conditioning:

To achieve your desired blonde hair color, your precious strands pass through a lot of stress which leaves your hair dry and brittle. Your processed hair requires extra care and attention.

Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Mask deeply moisturizes your hair strands. It heals damaged hair and gives your hair a silky and smooth finish. It is a protein mask that assists in sealing the hair cuticles which makes your blonde hair color stay longer.

Eazicare hair mask


Use Color Lock shampoo:

To maintain your scalp’s hygiene it’s important to regularly wash your hair. So be aware when you wash your hair because normal shampoos can’t maintain your hair dye. Eazicolor Professional suggests Eazicare Color-Lock Shampoo for Ash or Blonde hair color. This not only improves the lifespan of your blonde or ash hair color but also stops the fading process by sealing the hair cuticles. It is made up of Wheat amino acid and Vitamin E which repair harmed hair and leave your hair sustained and shiny.

Color lock shampoo


Follow up washing with Color Lock Conditioner:

A hair care routine is appreciated which includes regular conditioning. This assists in replenishing the moisture and prevents your hair from future damage. Eazicare Color-Lock shampoo is recommended for Ash or blonde hair color every time whenever you shampoo your hair. It’s a perfect choice whether you want to improve your ash or blonde hair color’s life or want to look healthy and fresh hair. It has all the properties which make your hair appear fresh, healthier, and silkier than ever!

Color lock conditioner

Stay away from heat exposure:

After achieving your desired hair color, surely you are thinking of styling your hair in different ways. For this purpose, you use heat styling tools. However, styling tools are highly harmful to hair’s health as well as can increase hair color’s disappearing process. Make sure to minimize the use of heat styling tools and use Eazicare Hair Serum as a heat protectant. Apply Hair Serum on your hair before heat styling or whenever you go outside to avoid sun damage. By using heat protectant you can expand your ash or blonde hair color’s life duration. If you have damaged your hair with heat you can also learn how to take care of heat damaged hair.

Heat exposure to hair

Wash with normal water:

The temperature of water matters to make your blonde or ash hair color stay longer. Hot showers are recommended when you think about relaxing yourself but if you have dyed hair then hot water going to be an open enemy of your colored hair. Because it opens the cuticles of hair which stimulates the vanishing process of color. It would help if you always preferred to wash your blonde or ash hair color with normal water as it will be helpful to sustain your hair color.

Wash hair with normal water

Don’t Over-wash:

If you have an addiction to regular hair washing, from now on you have to skip this habit for the sake of your colored hair because that’s a thing that helps to elevate the life of your ash or blonde hair color. Excessive or unnecessary washing can enhance the fading process so keep your Blonde or ash hair color long-lasting by avoiding over-washing.

Do not over wash your hair

Allow hair to air dry:

If an individual wants to improve the vitality of his blonde or ash hair color then it’s necessary to do every single step with full consideration. No doubt blow dryers have made our lives easy but if you want to elevate hair color’s durability it’s important to avoid blow drying and let your hair naturally air dry.

Allow hair to air dry

Neutralization with Hair Color:

If you are not satisfied after using hair products to make your blonde or ash hair color stay longer, then you can balance unwanted tones by using the right hair color shade. Eazicolor offers a variety of shades that can help neutralize undesirable tones. It helps to refresh your current hair color and it just lifts one or two-tone of your hair color.

Eazicolor Shade Card


For Blonde Tones

To refresh your blonde tone you can use Eazicolor Professional tubes such as 11.1 High Lift Ash Blonde, or 12.19 Super Ash Blonde, or 12.9 Super Ice Blonde, or 9.1 Very Light Natural Ash Blonde. These colors have blue pigment in them.

For Ash Tones

For Ash Tones Super Platinum Blonde 12.2, or smoky grey, or silver grey can be suitable.

Note: Use these shades with Eazicolor 5 volume developer with a 1:1 ratio after 2 months.

How do these tips influence your blonde or ash tones?

  • Provide healthy-looking hair.
  • Give gleaming, lustrous, and softer hair.
  • Help to sustain the freshness of your blonde or ash hair color.
  • Elevate the life span of your blonde or ash hair color.
  • Fresh and perfect hair tones boost your self-confidence.


The Bottom Line

After getting your preferred hair color, it’s maintaining and making it last longer is the most challenging. Because specific hair color requires additional attention and maintenance. But by following the above-mentioned tips you can enhance your hair color’s life as well as maintain the strength and smoothness of your hair.  So stop stressing yourself and get your favourite hair color freely!

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