How to take care of heat damaged hair? | How to avoid heat damaged hair?

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Hey! If you’re someone who likes to style hair with heat tools, listen up! We need to talk about heat damaged hair. We know it's a real bummer to have hair that's fried, dried, and just plain unhealthy-looking but don’t worry, we are here to guide you through this process of dealing with heat damaged hair.

Heat damaged hair

Firstly, let’s talk about what exactly is heat damaged hair. Well, the hair that got penalty by heat-styling tools like straighteners, curling wands, or blow dryers turns hair into heat damaged hair.

Hair structure of heat damaged hair:

Heat damages and breaks the cuticles of the hair. Cuticles are the outer protective layer of hair that keeps the hair protected and moisturized. The heat enters the cuticle, penetrates the cortex, and burns the protein and moisture of hair resulting in high porosity and dry, rough, brittle texture.

Signs of hair that is heat damaged:

  • Dull
  • Coarse
  • Brittle
  • Split ends and flyaways
  • Faded color
  • Loss of sleekness in straight hair
  • Loss of bounciness in curly hair

How to manage heat damaged hair:

Remember always that the best way to treat heat damaged hair is to prevent it in the first place. But if it’s too late and your hair has already been cooked by the heat of styling tools then you can take the following steps:

  1. Go for a haircut:

One thing is certain, you can maintain heat damaged hair but you cannot cure them all. So, the best way to get rid of these hair is to cut them off. Go for some decent regular haircuts that will help you get rid of the burned hair texture so that you can welcome your new beautiful strands.

A hair cutt

  1. Cut those split ends:

The ends of your hair are most damaged as they have been heated by the styling tools for the longest time. Cutting split ends will prevent them from further splitting and causing more damage. Cutting split ends also gives a smooth and neat look to your hair.

Cutt the split ends of your hair

  1. Change the way you dry your hair:

Instead of drying your wet hair with a hot blow dryer, consider air drying. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the air to dry your hair then choose the cooling air option in the blow dryer to perform the drying action. If you can’t do that either then keep the heat temperature at a moderate and safe level. Also, pick a microfiber or a cotton towel to soak dampness in hair. 

hair dry with a blow dry

  1. Use mild shampoos:

The hair that has been damaged by heat are very sensitive and prone to damage. It is important to keep them safe from strong and harsh shampoos. Sulphate free shampoos are ideal if you have heat damaged hair. Eazicare Ph-6 sulphate free shampoo is a lightweight hydrating recipe that is healthy for heat damaged hair as sulfates can be really harsh on your hair and it can strip away its natural oils, which can make heat damage even worse. It has been liberated from all harmful ingredients like salt, silicone, parabens, etc.

Sulfate free shampoo

  1. Add serum to your hair care regimen:

Hair serum is a great product to use when you're dealing with heat damaged hair. It can help to nourish and protect your hair, while also adding shine and reducing frizz. Eazicare hair serum will act like a magical portion for heat damaged hairs. Why? Because Eazicare hair serum has been made of natural mixtures like Aloe Vera and Argan oil that gives a defensive layer over the hair fibre helping with rehydrating, frizz control, and giving your hair a smooth and sparkly look.

Hair Serum

  1. Do regular conditioning:

If you want to combat heat damage in your hair, you must keep up with a decent hair conditioning routine. You must use a conditioner after every hair wash. Eazicare has created Keratin complex conditioner that re-establishes hair texture, tenderly secures dampness, and leaves a shiny, polished look.

Keratin Complex Conditioner

  1. Use repairing hair masks:

Hair masks are another great option for managing heat damaged hair. They can help to moisturize and nourish your hair, while also helping to repair the damage. Eazicare intensive deep repair hair mask saturates dull hairs, feeds chemically harmed hairs, and gives flexibility to over-stress hairs. it is the "All in one solution" with American Aloe Vera and Argan Oil. It is a serious hydrating hair treatment to manage heat-damaged or chemically treated hair.

Hair Repair Mask

  1. Go for a plex treatment:

Plex treatments are relatively new treatments that have been designed to help repair and strengthen heat damaged hair. Plex treatments are also the best alternatives to expensive treatments like PRP and Botox. Our Eaziplex treatment is a great treat for your hair. It’s a protein treatment that helps in strengthening, smoothing, and nourishing hair cuticles. It improves the appearance of heat damaged hair as it fills the gap in hair fibers, restoring their strength and elasticity. It repairs hair damage by improving texture and makes the hair less prone to breakage and splitting apart.

Eaziplex Treatment


Precautions for heat damaged hair:

  • Avoid using hot tools as much as possible because they burn the natural protein and moisture in your hair, leaving it looking much dull and dead.
  • Do not forget to use heat-protecting sprays or serums before using any styling tool
  • Remember to keep the temperature of the styling tool at a very moderate level to avoid major damage.
  • Make sure to take a healthy diet filled with protein and vitamin B complex. Skip on junk food and carbonated drinks.
  • Protect your hair with a hat or scarf while going out in extreme sunlight as it will further damage and burn your hair.
  • Do not take hot showers as it dried out your hair even more.

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