Summer Hair Problems And Their Solutions

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So! The summer is here, and so are many of our hair enemies. No matter how much you love the vibe of summers, the scorching heat, humidity, heat, and UV rays bring with them a number of hair issues. Summers come with the audacity to cause damage, dryness, frizz, and unwanted fall of our tresses. But hey! Don’t let these hair issues control you. Sit back and grab a cool drink because you got Eazicare hair care products. We are going to help you deal with all summer hair problems quite effortlessly. So, let’s pinpoint the problems our hair might deal with and then find their Eazicare solutions.

  1. Frizz during summers:

Frizz is one of the most common summer hair problems that every other woman face in summer. It appears when the moisture from hot, humid air enters the hair shaft from open cuticles and dries out the texture. The heat and humidity make the hair stubborn to style, they don’t stay easily manageable, giving way to more summer hair problems.

Frizzy hair in summer

Things that help control frizz in summer:

  • Deep conditioning

    Deep conditioning once a week in summer is the key to keeping frizz at bay. Eazicare comes with an intensive deep repair hair mask to fix your stubborn frizz in summer. It is a great hydrating recipe made with Aloe Vera and Argan Oil that saturates dull tresses.

Deep Conditioning For Frizzy Hair

  • Regular Conditioning

    If you want to combat summer hair problems, especially frizzy hair problem then you must keep up with a decent hair conditioning routine. You must use a conditioner after every hair wash. Eazicare has created Keratin complex conditioner that reestablishes hair texture, tenderly secures dampness, and leaves a shiny, polished look.

Regular Conditioning For Frizzy Hair


  1. Greasy scalps during summer:

A greasy scalp is also a recurring summer hair problem. In the summer, we tend to wash our hair more often than any other time due to sweating. When you frequently wash your hair with shampoo, the hair loses most of its moisture and healthy oils. To balance this condition, your scalps start to produce more oil to fight dryness caused by frequent shampooing. This production of extra oil gives you a greasy, untidy look.

Greasy Scalps In Summer

Things that help prevent greasy hair in summer:

  • Balanced showers

    Make sure you don’t wash your hair every now and then and lose extra moisture. If you desire to shower daily, make sure you protect your hair by wearing a shower cap. Shampooing hair twice a week is healthy, going beyond that messes with the natural balance of oil production.

Balanced Showers in Summer

  • Clarifying shampoos

    Using clarifying shampoo once every two weeks in summer can help you get rid of the greasiness in your hair. Eazicare creates an innovative solution for oily and polluted hair through Eazicare clarifying anti-residue shampoo. Its unique formula eliminates dirt, stubborn residues, and extra oils from your hair, giving your hair a healthy, smooth look.

Clarifying Shampoo for oily scalps


  1. Sun damage during summer:

Sun also contributes to our summer hair problems. The sun can be damaging to our hair, just like it is to our skin. UV rays can cause our hair to become dry and brittle, leading to breakage and split ends.

Sun Damaged Hair

Things that help protect hair from sun damage:

  • Using serums

    Some hair serums are made to protect your hair from the unnecessary heat damage you give your hair, either from styling tools or by simply spending a lot of time under the sun. Eazicare hair serum brings a lot of care with it. This fluid-based treatment is fabricated by natural mixtures like Aloe Vera and Argan oil that gives a defensive layer over the hair, protecting them from heat and giving a smooth, sparkly look by rehydrating your hair.

Use hair serum in the summer

  • Protect hair with hats and scarves

    Remember to cover your hair while going out in intense sunlight to protect hair from UV rays and maintain distance from summer hair problems.

Save your hair from heat damage


  1. Hair fall during summer:

Hair fall is a very big summer hair problem. The accumulation of oil and sweat in summer clogs the hair follicles which leads to inflammation causing hair fall. Due to oil and sweat, the hair becomes more sensitive to breakage, so using harsh shampoos accelerates the fall of hair. Dehydration also becomes a solid reason for hair damage and loss.

Hair dall during summer

How to stop hair fall in summer:

  • Plenty of water

    The key to avoid summer hair problems is to drink lots and lots of water which keeps your body hydrated. When the body is hydrated, it not only feels cool and refreshing but also supports hair growth from root to tip. It prevents brittle, dry, and split-ended hairs.

Water in the hair

  • Sulphate-free shampoos

    Mild shampoos are your best friend when dealing with summer hair problems. If you want to help your scalp and maintain the natural moisture levels of your hair then you must use shampoos that are sulfate-free and low in PH. Eazicare PH-6 sulphate-free shampoo does wonders in controlling your summer hair loss. It is a lightweight hydrating recipe perfect for our hair health which gets quite sensitive in summer. It is liberated from all those harmful ingredients like sulfate, salt, silicon, and parabens that might become a reason of hair damage.

Sulfate Free Shampoo


Extra tips to help fight summer hair problems:


  1. Add lemon, mint and fresh fruits to your diet if you want to experience a healthy change in your hair health during summer. Lemonade and mint margarita are such delicious drink recipes that not only refresh your mind and body but also keep your scalp, and hair healthy and lively. It prevents the accumulation of oil in the scalps.
  2. Don’t forget to eat salad and yogurt in the summer. It does wonders to your skin and hair.
  3. Make a mist of lemon, mint, and rose water, and spray it all over your hair after taking shower. This will keep the scalp fresh and free of bad odor.
  4. Add watermelon to your diet to improve hydration.
  5. Cover your hair with a scarf or hat when going out on sunny days.
  6. Try to limit the use of heated styling tools, such as hair straighteners and curling irons. The heat from these tools can cause further damage to your hair, making it even more prone to frizz, dryness, and breakage.
  7. Avoid using too many hair products. It may be tempting to load up on hair spray, mousse, and other styling products, but this can actually do more harm than good. Using too many products can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy and limp. Instead, opt for a lightweight styling product, such as a serum or oil, that will nourish your hair without weighing it down.
  8. Keep away from tight hairstyles, such as high ponytails or braids. These styles can pull on your hair, causing damage and breakage. Instead, opt for looser hairstyles, such as a low bun or a simple braid, that will keep your hair out of your face without causing damage.


So, summer can be a challenging time for our hair, but with the right solutions and proper hair care, we can maintain healthy, beautiful tresses all year round. Say bye to summer hair problems.


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