What are split ends? Its root cuases and how to get rid of split ends?

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Split ends literally mean the splitting of the hair ends into two or more strands. Maybe the ends of your hair aren’t really happy with the treatment you are giving them. Maybe they are showing their disappointment by splitting apart. And maybe just maybe, all they need is some extra love and care. Ever thought that way? Let’s think about it now and track down the reasons we give them to split apart.

Types of split ends:

  1. Baby Split
    This is the most common type caused by heat damage. In a baby split, the ends of the hair strand become frayed and split into two tiny strands.
    Baby hair split
  2. Y split
    Y split ends are those in which the hair stands split into two branches creating a Y shape.
    Y hair split
  3. Incomplete split
    This is the kind in which the hair starts to split but it doesn’t fully divide which makes hair look quite rough and frayed.
    Incomplete Split
  4. Knot split
    The hair that starts to appear knotted at the ends is called knotted split ends. This typically occurs due to hard brushing, friction, and tangling of hair.
    Knot Splitt
  5. Taper split
    When you see the hair strand tapering off into a thin weakened end, know that it is a tapper split end.

    Taper Split
  6. Tree split
    Tree split ends are those in which the hair appears to split into three or more branches. It resembles a tree.

    Tree Split
  7. Feather split
    In this type, the hair appears feathery and fluffy, with several splits along the hair shaft.

    Feather Split

What are the causes of hair split?

Sometimes, our negligent behavior or poor habits causes split ends.

  1. Dehydration
    One of the most common and overlooked reasons for split ends is less intake of water. When we are dehydrated, our body will utilize the needed moisture for performing other important functions. This will leave our hair without moisture, making them dull, dry, and split in one or more ends.

  2. Iron deficiency
    Mostly the reason for bad hair texture lies in the underlying conditions. Iron deficiency causes anemia which promotes fizziness, tangling, and split ends.
    Iron Deficiency
  3. Chlorinated water
    Chlorine is the enemy of your hair. Rinsing water with chlorinated water damages the natural layer of sebum on our hair and causes hairs to split at the ends.
    Chlorinated Water

  4. Treating with chemicals
    Chemical treatments like rebounding, chemical smothering, using bleaches while dying hair, etc damages the natural, pretty texture of hair.
    Hair Treatment with Chemicals
  5. Cheap and harsh products
    If you pick a cheap and harsh product for your hair what do you expect? It will obviously give cheap results, making the texture of your hair appear harsh.
    Cheap Hair Products

  6. Bleaching hair
    Some people decide to color their hair using bleach without the proper knowledge of its effects. Bleaching hair sucks the natural moisture of hair and makes them look lifeless and split apart.
    Hair Bleaching
  7. Wet Combing
    Combing on wet hair is a very simple cause of hair breakage and split ends.

    Comb in wet hair

  8. No trimming of hair
    The tips of our hair are the oldest in age and it needs some extra care. If we don’t trim them, they will show themselves to be dull and worn out.
    Hair Trimming
  9. Hair mousses and sprays
    If we use hair mousses excessively to style our hair, they will make our hair strands dry, especially the ends.
    Hair Sprays

  10. Friction while sleeping
    Sleeping with open hairs, especially on cotton pillows causes friction and promotes hair breakage.
    Friction to hair while sleeping


How to prevent split ends?

We can say now that the real culprit of split ends is our own ignorance. Be gentle with your hair and take good care of them. There are many things you can do to prevent hairs from splitting apart.

Get regular haircuts:

Getting regular haircuts is one way to prevent split ends. The trimming of hair removes the damaged, split end which leaves the hair looking healthy and smooth. Trimming also helps in reducing further breakage and split ends from forming.


Sulfate-free Shampoo:

Let’s start taking care of our hair by washing them with a good shampoo, free from sulfate and other harmful ingredients. Eazicare has made its very own Eazicare Ph6 Sulfate Free Shampoo which is low in ph. This shampoo is a hydrating recipe that soothes the parched strands. It is specifically designed for thin, vulnerable hair. It locks moisture and prevents the strands of hair from splitting apart.

Eazicare Ph-6 Sulfate Free Shampoo

Nourish your hair with Keratin Products:

Keratin is a protein that is much needed by the hair to stay healthy and pretty. Eazicare Keratin Complex Shampoo and Keratin Complex Conditioner are infused with this much-needed protein. These help to prevent split ends as they provide additional strength and nourishment to the hair. These products coat and smooth the hair and reduce friction and breakage.

Keratin Complex

Use serum on damp hair:

Hair serums are a great way of preventing split ends. Apply Eazicare hair serum on your damp hair and see the magic. The serum gives an extra dose of moisture and protection to the locks of hair and prevents chances of split hairs. This serum forms a barrier around the hair shaft that reduces friction and prevents hair breakage. It also works as a heat protectant while using styling tools. Our serum has Argan oil and Aloe Vera extract that gives a frizz-free, sparkly experience.

Eazicare hair serum

Plex treatment:

Eaziplex treatment is a great treat for your hair. It’s a protein treatment that helps in strengthening, smoothing, and nourishing hair cuticles. It improves the appearance of split ends as it fills the gap in hair fibers, restoring their strength and elasticity. It repairs any hair damage, improves texture, and makes the hair less prone to breakage and splitting apart.

Eaziplex Treatment

Hair Clearing:

Hair clearing is one of the most effective methods right now. Following the method the experts take a sharp razor or scissors and combine it with the comb. Then the expert gently runs through the comb in the hair and cuts the extra and sharp edges of the hair decently. The method needs experience and a lot of focus because a little forced push may damage the external layer of hair. The method is also very useful for hair styling due to its rough hair removal properties.

Keep it natural:

  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Split ends form on dry ends. Intake of water prevents hair from drying and splitting at the ends.
  • Eat food that is rich in iron like green veggies, meat, poultry, peas, carrots, etc.
  • Apply almond oil and coconut oil to the ends of your hair. They are natural moisturizers that maintain the health and texture of hair.
  • If the weather is extreme, cover your hair to protect them from damage.
  • Keep minimal use of heat-styling tools for the sake of your hair health.
  • Wear a cap before swimming in the chlorinated water.
  • Don’t treat your hair often with chemical treatments.
  • Use ammonia-free colors for dying hair
  • Use shampoos only for scalps.

Enjoy your luscious locks.

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