How To Measure Hair Health And How To Maintain Hair Health?

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Are you looking at your hair, rolling them in your fingers, and wondering if your hair is the ideal type? Are they healthy enough to flaunt, to experiment, and to be styled in different ways? Bingo! Let’s talk about what healthy hair actually looks like and how you can measure hair health and act accordingly.

Healthy hair is smooth to the touch. It is shiny and sleek when you see it and flexible when you stretch it. It doesn’t have split ends, dandruff, or extreme oil. Healthy hair is full of life. On the other hand, if your hair feels harsh or brittle to the touch, rough to the sight, and breaks easily if you stretch it, then it surely needs some assessment.

How can you measure your hair health:

  1. One way to measure your hair's health is by conducting a strand test. To do this, grab a few strands of hair and pull them taut. Healthy hair will stretch without breaking and then return to its original length. If your hair snaps or doesn't stretch, it may be lacking in moisture or protein.
  2. Another way to measure hair health is by examining its texture. Hold one to two strands between your fingers and slide through them. If your hair is in good health the sliding process will feel smooth and if it is damaged then the sliding process will not be smooth and the strands will feel brittle or coarse to the touch.
  3. See if your hair feels more oily or dry most of the time. More oil produces when the sebaceous glands become hyperactive. And if your hair remains very dry most of the time then this is also a concerning issue as oily hair makes the roots weak and dry hair makes the strands weak. Both conditions cause hair breakage and fall.
  4. Observe your scalp condition to assess hair health. If you’re experiencing scalp issues like dandruff, redness, or itchiness it may impact your hair condition.
  5. Make note of how often your hair falls and how fast it grows back. If you’re experiencing excessive shedding of hair and very slow growth then this might be a warning about damaged hair look.


What disturbs your hair health:

  • Internal Health:

One of the main reasons which can affect a person’s hair health lies under his internal condition. Many conditions like nutritional deficiency, anemia, post-pregnancy, menopause, and some diseases greatly affect your hair health which is completely normal. All you got to do is work on the doctor’s prescriptions and advice.

Human Body Internal Health


  • Excessive use of heat styling tools:

Using more heat on hair can have adverse effects on your hair health. The heat from styling tools sucks out the natural moisture from hair, leaving it brittle and dry and prone to breakage.

Heat Styling Tools


  • Cheap and bad quality hair products:

You suppose to be careful in choosing products when it comes to your hair. Coloring hair with a local, low quality hair dye or using lots of cheap sprays on hair does extreme damage to hair.

Cheap Quality Hair Products


  • Chemical processing:

Chemical treatments like rebonding, smothering, extenso, etc all promote hair damage. These treatments change the structure of hair to give them the perfect look for some time. After that, the processed hair not only becomes dry, dull, and lifeless but also breaks and falls.

Chemical Processing


How can you maintain healthy hair?

To maintain healthy hair, it's important to incorporate healthy hair habits into your daily routine.

How a good diet measures good hair health:

Remember, it all starts from within. Taking a good diet rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, C, E, and B complex, can help keep your hair healthy and strong. Additionally, drinking plenty of water can help keep your scalp hydrated, which can prevent dryness and itching.

Good Diet For Hair


How using mild shampoo impacts hair well being:

Take a U-turn from shampoos containing harmful ingredients and go for the ones that will have a positive impact on hair well-being. Sulfate free shampoo is the key if you want healthy hair. By avoiding sulfates, the shampoo helps maintain the hair's natural balance, leaving it healthier, shinier, and less prone to dryness or damage. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture. So, Eazicare makes pH-6 sulfate free shampoo created with gentle formulas that are free from harsh sulfates. It is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive scalps or dry, brittle hair, as it provides a milder cleansing experience that doesn't cause irritation or further dryness.

Sulfate Free Shampoo


Why conditioning hair promotes healthy hair:

Conditioning hair regularly is very important for maintaining good hair health. Moreover, conditioning hair with a keratin complex conditioner promotes healthy hair because it nourishes and strengthens the hair strands from within. Keratin is a vital protein naturally found in our hair, and over time, it can become depleted due to various factors like heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors. Eazicare produces keratin complex conditioner along with keratin complex shampoo which is replenished with this essential protein that helps in repairing damaged areas and protecting hair against future harm.

Keratin Complex Conditioner


Why deep repairing hair masks maintains hair condition:

If your hair health feels very dry and damaged then deep repairing hair masks are the way to go to maintain good hair. Deep repair hair masks have been designed to provide intensive nourishment and restoration to your hair. These masks contain a concentrated blend of ingredients that work together to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, replenishing lost moisture, repairing damage, and strengthening the hair strands. Eazicare has produced an intensive deep repair hair mask that infuses essential nutrients and proteins into your hair and helps to restore its natural shine, smoothness, and overall health.

Hair Mask


How bond builders are great for getting healthy hair:

Bond boosters are protein rich formulations created for hair that has been too bleached or simply overheated during styling. They restore hair to a wholesome, new state. If your hair has been damaged, it is essential for healthy hair growth and hair care. For the purpose of enhancing the condition of your damaged hair, Eaziplex offers a unique bond builder. Establishing and maintaining sulfate connections within the hair cortex, It promotes hair growth. It restores the health of the hair's bond and gives your hair good strength.

Bond Builder

So, hair health could be measured by several factors. Once you have measured the condition of your hair, it becomes easy to work on it. So, if you have measured it to be in bad shape, you can work on maintaining it by taking a good haircare regimen and a healthy diet.

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