What is hair porosity | How to take care of it?

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Hair Porosity:

Have you seen a sponge carefully? Ever observed the open pockets of air it has? Bingo! The open pores on the material's outer surface make the material porous. These pores on any material help in absorbing and retaining moisture. Our hairs too are porous which is why you get to hear the term ''hair porosity''. Hair porosity is the ability of hair to absorb and retain moisture. Make sense?

Hair Porosity In roots

Levels of hair porosity:

  • Low porosity – cuticles of hairs are tightly sealed
  • Medium porosity – cuticle of hairs are slightly raised
  • High porosity - cuticles of hairs are raised and porous

Levels of hair porosity

Which level do you think serves the best? Medium. Hair with medium porosity is considered to be the most balanced. Because the cuticles of medium porosity are neither too closed together nor too open. Which ultimately allows the hair to absorb as well as retain moisture.

Why is recognizing hair porosity so important?

We'll let you chew on this. Knowing your hair porosity is equal to knowing your hair better. The better you know your hair, the better able you will be to take good care of it and carry off the desired feel. It can also help in choosing the right hair care products and techniques to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

How to we achieve the level of hair porosity

Curious? Find out your porosity level.

Think about when you took your last shower. Were you struggling with drying your wet hair because the water couldn’t saturate quickly? And then the hair product was kind of annoying because it just sat on your hair rather than getting absorbed? Then you, my friend have hair with low porosity.

While you might have thought about one of your friends whose hair always seems so frizzy and dry. He, no matter how much amount of moisturizing products uses, can't keep his hair soft since the products absorb way too quickly in his hair. That case with him is precise because he has hair with very high porosity.

Now you and your friend might admire somebody with healthy, shiny, and glossy hair, whose hairstyle stays the same the whole day no matter how he chooses to spend it. It is probably because of the medium hair porosity that keeps hair moisturized and easy to hold styles for longer periods of time.

Wouldn't you love to achieve that level of hair porosity?

No worries, you have Eazicolor Professionals. We bring to you extremely safe and type-friendly hair care products that will bring your hair porosity to a medium level giving you an instant boost of confidence.

How to achieve an elite level of hair porosity?

An elite level of hair porosity can only be achieved when the right product according to your hair type is used with love and care. Here are some of the quality made products designed for the pampering of your hair.  

How can we achieve elite level of hair porosity

  • Eazicare pH-6 Shampoo:

Have you ever felt like picking that one shampoo with an extremely uplifting and heavenly fragrance but then leaving it right there after seeing its ingredients saying ''sulfate'', ''salt'' or ''silicon'' in it? Don't be concerned, we've got this. Eazicare provides its very own pH6 shampoo that smells great to the senses and is free of sulfate, salt, silicon, and parabens which will ultimately bring your hair’s porosity to a medium level, leaving them healthy and lively.

Eazicare Ph6 Shampoo for hair porosity

  • Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask

Count hair masks in the trends of the modern world and add them to your weekly hair care routine. Trust us. It will do wonders. It’s an All-in-One solution, Eazicare intensive deep repair hair mask specifically designed for dull, dry hairs.

Eazicare hair mask for hair porosity

  • Eazicare Hair Serum

Looking for a quick tangle-free therapy? That’s cool because you have our hair Eazicare hair serum. It not only makes you get rid of the high porosity -frizzy-looking tangled hairs but also adds shine to the dull locks giving you a sleek shiny look. It also works as a heat protector while styling hair.

Eazicare hair serum for hair porosity

Other products like Eazicare Keratin Complex Conditioner, Eazicare lock shampoo, and Eazicare color lock conditioner too help in keeping the hair porosity at a healthy level.

Hairs at a dead end?

Can’t help because your hairs are at a dead end? Chill! What is Eaziplex Treatment for? Whether you are somebody who has gone through some extreme hair fixing treatments like rebounding, hair smothering, etc or you are someone who has been dying hair all his life. We’ve got you both. It’s okay to have awful hair experiences while exploring your beauty as long as you’re willing to learn from them. Eaziplex treatment is specifically made to address such harsh experiences i.e. awfully damaged and terribly high porosity hairs.

Eaziplex treatment is a mixture of four amazing products i.e, Clarifying Anti-Residue shampoo, Eaziplex bond builder, Bond sealer, and Bond sustainer. When the products are applied step by step, according to the given instructions, give you the repair and protection you’ve been craving for. It also improves the overall health and appearance of your hair, making you all set for stealing the limelight.

Inside Scoop:

Who wouldn’t want their hair to naturally get better in porosity? A few tips can help you achieve your goal.

  • Never wash your hair with blistering water no matter how much you are a fan of hot showers, as it will steal the natural shine and moisture of your hair leaving it dry and dull.
  • Try out drying your hair in the natural sunlight because that will bless your hair with a breath taking gleam.
  • Always keep fresh veggies, nuts, juices, and lots of protein-rich food in your diet.
  • Remember to go polite with your hair after the shower. Don’t rub them harshly with the towel.
  • Tie your hair before sleeping which will eventually decrease the chances of hair breakage.
  • Avoid daily straightening or curling.
  • Don’t treat your hair with unnecessary chemicals.
  • Do regular conditioning, after every wash.
  • Use wood combs to make your hair.
  • For an instant closure of hair cuticles, dip the length and end of your hairs in chilled cold water for about 10 to 15 minutes and then boom with confidence.

The first step in treating anything is pinpointing it. Once you pinpoint your hair porosity level, working on it becomes easy. Using Eazicolor professional products according to your hair’s porosity level will help you obtain the unobtainable.

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