Top Trending Hair Coloring Techniques In 2023

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Ever heard your granny or aunt whisper to your mum ‘’don’t let your daughter color her hair because it will damage them all’’? True that. Dying hair used to be quite damaging and sometimes devastating. But now my dear friends, this is not the case anymore. The advancements made today in formulas, ingredients, and technologies make the whole experience of dying hair worth it. People like to express themselves in unique, colorful, sweet, and bold ways. And with this charming trend of coloring hair, comes artistic coloring techniques that give you novel expressions.

Hair Coloring Techniques matter:

Eazicolor Professionals are peculiar about your hair coloring journey. There are a number of dying techniques in the market. But only those techniques stand out that are fashioned according to beauty trends and individual preferences. A hair coloring technique greatly impacts the end result of a hair coloring service. Eazicolor professional takes care of such crucial details.

Trending hair coloring techniques in 2023:

Eazicolor presents to you several unique hair coloring techniques that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous and trendy.

  1. Single Tone Technique
  2. Baby Lights Technique
  3. Shut Out 3D Hair Coloring Technique
  4. Money Piece Hair Coloring Technique
  5. Low Lights Technique
  6. Slicing Technique
  7. Balayage Hair Coloring Technique
  • Single Tone Technique:

What is it?

Single tone technique is timeless. It’s always trending because the desire for a natural hair look never gets old. In a single-tone hair color strategy, all strands of hair are dyed evenly in one solid color. There’s no need to add high or low lights. This results in a very pretty one-dimensional color that covers the entire head of the hair.

Eazicolor Single Tone Hair Coloring Technique

Eazicolor Color Correction Hair Coloring Technique


The stylist picks a single shade according to the client’s desire to carry the single-tone technique. He then applies the desired shade evenly to all the strands of hair. It is left on the hair for a specified amount of time, depending on the required depth of color.

Preferred for:

 It is a straightforward option for those who want a natural, solid, uniform hair color without any complexity. This technique is quite famous for covering grey hair and for those who need low maintenance.

Color choices:

Eazicolor Professional offers many aesthetic colors that can be picked to get a single tone illusion. For instance, the very famous 6C Cappuccino shade or 8.003 Light Mocha Blonde shade is ideal to achieve classy results.

  • Baby Lights Technique:

What is it?

Doesn’t it sound very delicate? Well, as delicate as it sounds, the baby lights trending hair coloring technique is a very exquisite method of creating highlights that blends with the natural base color. The name ''baby lights'' comes from the fact that the highlights created by this method are so subtle that they look as though they were created by the sun. As if the sun has naturally lightened the hairs over time.

Eazicolor Baby Lights Hair Coloring Technique


Baby lights are typically created using foil highlighting. In this method, small, thin sections of hair are separated and the hair color is applied to each section using a brush. The colored sections are then wrapped in the foil to help the color develop and prevent it from spreading onto the rest of the hair. So, dont forget to put foil paper in your tote bag.

The color picked for baby lights is typically a lighter shade than the base color. The goal is to create such a multi-dimensional effect in which the hair appears sun-kissed.

Preferable for:

It is good for those who want to add some vibrance to their hair without committing to a full head of highlights or a drastic change in their look.

Color choices:

Take 4.0 medium brown or 5.0 light brown as base colors. For creating a baby light effect, Eazicolor blonde series are supreme like light blonde 8.0, medium blonde 7.0, medium natural ash blonde 7.1, or cool natural light blonde 7.00.

  • Shut out 3D hair coloring technique:

What is it?

Do you want to make your hair look fuller and voluminous? And that too with a 3D effect? Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? Shut out 3D trending hair coloring technique gives your hair a three-dimensional experience. The gradual transition between the different shades, forming a seamless blend refers to the ‘’shut out’’ aspect. And 3D refers to the three-dimensional effect that the stylist creates with high and lowlights.

Eazicolor Shut Out 3D Hair Coloring Technique


In this method, the stylist makes use of highlights, lowlights, and tonal changes to create a 3D effect.  At first, we choose a base color that matches the client’s natural or desired hair color. The stylist places lighter and darker shades carefully throughout the hair to create a natural-looking transition of color. Stylists make use of bleach with 20, 30, or 40 volumes to give tonal changes. This making of highlights and lowlights is crucial to get the desired 3D effect.

Preferred for:

People who want to add dimension and depth to their hair without a dramatic change can carry this hair color technique effortlessly.

Color Choices:

You can choose Eazicolor Professional’s Light mahogany brown 5.5 as a base shade. Pick light vivid red brown 5.66 color and apply it according to the procedure to create a beautiful 3-D illusion. You can also make another pretty combination using 5C as a base color and medium intense copper blonde 7.44 to fashion 3-D effects.

  • Money Piece Technique:

What is it?

Don’t want to commit to a full head of highlights? Or do you want to first try out a lighter color? If that’s the case, this trending hair coloring technique is perfect for you. The money piece technique specifically draws attention to the face. It creates a flattering contrast when we color the strands of hair, usually near the face, in lighter, bold, or funky shades. It creates a subtle, eye-catching accent in return.

Eazicolor Money Piece Hair Coloring Technique


The stylist uses a brush or foils to apply the lighter color to the strand of hair which will eventually become the money piece. The strand is typically located near the face like the front or top of the head.

Preferred for:

The money piece is out-and-out for the face-framing fans. People who want to bring attention to their beautifully featured faces.

Color Choices:

To create a high-lifted money piece, we will recommend picking Eazicolor shades called ash blonde 11.1, beige blonde 11.13, and super ash ice blonde 12.9. If you want to enjoy a lowlight money piece, you can choose medium blonde 8.0, or light mocha blonde 8.003. And if you feel like going all funky then you can pick red, blue, or green chunks, however, you like.

  • Lowlights technique:

What is it?

A technique that'll let you steal the limelight while being low-key. The Lowlight hair color technique uses only two to three levels of a lighter shade than the base color to dye the strands of your hair. The chosen color isn’t very different from the base color. It adds volume, dimension, and depth to your hair look.

Eazicolor Low Light Hair Coloring Technique


To create low lights, a colorist will typically apply a lighter shade of hair dye (two to three levels darker than the base color) to specific sections of hair. The stylist can either direct lift the color using 0.00 blonde booster or bleach the chosen strands with 10-volume bleach. He’ll keep those strands packed in a foil for about 40-45 minutes until the lightning level gets to 7 and 8. Then after washing, the desired color is applied to the chosen strands for glossing. The dye may be applied in a variety of patterns, depending on the desired effect. For instance, the colorist can apply it in a waving manner to create a more natural-looking effect. He can also smear in a uniform manner to create a theatrical vibe. Remember the low-light shades shouldn’t be entirely different from the base color.

Preferred for:

This technique is ideal for those who are not ready to commit to a high-maintenance routine and prefer a soft, low-key yet fresh look. It’s great for housewives.

Color Choices:

You can pick Eazicolor Professional’s medium golden blonde 7.3, medium intense copper blonde 7.44, and light vivid red blonde 8.66 to create lowlights.

  • Slicing technique:

What is it?

Slicing? As in taking the slices of hair? Yes. This trending hair coloring technique is the literal taking of slices of hair to customize them with desired colors. It’s a type of highlighting technique that creates thin, precise sections of color in the hair. It adds dimension and depth to the hair.

Eazicolor Global Slicing Hair Coloring Technique

Eazicolor Italian Slicing Hair Coloring Technique


In this method, the stylist separates small sections of hair to apply the desired color only to the top sections of each section. In this technique, you can use both foils or balayage style.

Preferred for:

 This technique is good for the ones who don't appreciate solid blocks of color in their hair. This method gives off gentle and subtle vibes.

Color Choices:

Eazicolor Professionals offer a number of shades to dye hair ideally with this technique. With medium brown 4.0, or light brown 5.0 shades as base colors, super ash ice blonde 12.19 can be applied to the slices of hairs with an addition of green mixing color. Super platinum blonde 12.2 and high lift beige blonde 11.13 looks great with the dark base color.

Eazicolor do have more coloring techniques available at design rush, see our profile at design rush.

  • Balayage Technique:

What is it?

The word ‘’balayage’’ is a French term meaning ‘’sweep’’. This trending hair coloring technique doesn’t require the use of the traditional foil method. Stylists prefer the free-hand style in it. The result is a more natural and subtle transition between the colored and natural hair.

Eazicolor Balayage Hair Coloring Technique


The stylist will use a brush to apply the color to the hair, starting at the roots and sweeping toward the ends. The stylist will paint the desired shade in a sweeping motion and make it seem natural looking and organized.

Preferred for:

This unique technique is especially preferred for trendsetters. Because it can be adapted to create a variety of different looks which makes it a good choice for those who want to stay on-trend with their hair.

Color Choices:

You can make a number of gorgeous color combinations with Eazicolor Professionals to carry out the balayage technique. For instance, very light natural ash golden blonde 9.13 is great to apply with a medium brown 4.0 base color to create lowlights. Hi lift beige blonde 11.13 looks good to go with light brown 5.0 base to make highlights. You can also combine light red-brown 5.6 with a light or medium brown base to see decent results.

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