Hair Color | Eazicolor Smokey Grey Streaks

  • Wash your hair properly and dry them.
  • Take sections for streaks.
  • Make a mixture of Eazicolor Dust free blue bleach with 30 volume (1:2) and apply it to the sections.
  • The lightning level must be at the level of 10.
    Note: Only Eazicolor Dust free bleach can provide the lightning level of 10 with 30 volume. So, it must be utilized in the recipe
  • Wash your hair with Eazicare Super Silver Shampoo (violet or purple shampoo) and dry them properly.
  • Make a mixture of Eazicolor Silver Grey 30 ml, Eazicolor Smokey Grey 30 ml with Eazicolor Ton on Ton enhancer (5 volume) 60 ml.
  • Apply it for 30 minutes all over the hair.
  • Wash it with Eazicare Super Silver Shampoo and apply Eazicare Super Silver Hair Mask for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Wash and dry your hair.
    Note: This recipe is for virgin hair of level 5, not for metallic or henna treated hair

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