Eazicolor Dust Free Hair Bleach: An Ideal Solution For Hair Lifting

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When it comes to achieving those coveted hair transformations, bleach plays a pivotal role. But not all bleaches have been created equal. In the realm of hair care, a revolutionary product has emerged – dust-free bleach. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of bleach for hair. Explore the unique characteristics of hair bleach, and understand why it should be your go-to choice for hair lightening needs.

What is hair bleach?

As the name suggests, hair bleach is a compound that is a specialist to lighten or take color out of hair. It is a crucial tool in the hairdresser's toolbox and primarily comes up to create lighter hues, highlights, or dramatic hair alterations. This involves an oxidation of natural pigment found in the hair shaft, which results in a change in color.

Why is bleach for hair important? 

  • Lightening Dark Hair:

    It is frequently used to change dark hair into pastel or blonde hues that are difficult to obtain with just hair color.
  • Making Highlights and Streaks:

    Bleach is necessary for making eye-catching highlights or streaks that give the hair depth and character.
  • Achieving vivid colors:

    Bright and vibrant fashion colors often require a lighter base. Bleach provides that light base.
  • Ombre and balayage techniques:

    Modern hair coloring procedures like balayage and ombre, which produce flawless variations, largely rely on bleach.
  • Color correction:

    Bleach serves to remove undesired color from hair or to fix hair color mistakes.


What is Eazicolor dust free bleach?

Eazicolor dust-free bleach is a modern hair lightening product to fulfills the needs of contemporary hairstyling and putting hair health and safety first. Eazicolor suggests it for virgin hair or situations where reducing damage during the lightening process is crucial.

 Eazicolor dust free bleach

How Does Dust-Free Bleaching Work

Dust-free hair bleach uses the same fundamental principles as conventional bleach, but with one important distinction: it produces less dust during the mixing process. This has been accomplished by adding particular anti-dust ingredients to the bleach solution. The outcome? A smoother consistency for accurate application and a cleaner, more regulated application method that limits exposure to potentially dangerous dust particles.

How To Use Eazicolor Dust Free Bleach

Why should you use it?

For a number of reasons, Eazicolor dust-free bleach is a game-changer.

  • Delicate on Hair:

    It guarantees a safe and delicate lift, making it appropriate for use on virgin hair or by those wishing to lessen hair damage.
  • Versatile Lifting:

    With the ability to lift up to 10 levels, it can accommodate a variety of color changes, from subtle highlights to dramatic shifts.
  • Free hand and balayage techniques:

    It keeps a thick consistency, making it perfect for free-hand methods like balayage where the foil is absent.
  • Neutralizing Copper Tones:

    The additional blue tint successfully cancels out copper tones in hair, making it ideal for people who want to cover up unwelcome warm tones.
  • Dryness Prevention:

    When combined with the suggested volume developers, it reduces the danger of excessive dryness.

How to use the right Developer Volume for hair bleach?

It's important to choose the right developer volume when using hair bleach. The developer volume controls the bleach's potency and how quickly the natural color of the hair is lifted. An overview of when and how to employ various developer volumes is provided below:

  • 20 Volume:

    When you want to add faint highlights or gently lighten the hair, this 20 volume developer volume is great for providing the least amount of lift. It is appropriate for fine hair or situations when hair needs a softer lift.
  • 30 Volume:

    Medium lift is provided by a 30 volume developer. It offers magnificent results when it comes to produce medium to light blonde hues. It works on a variety of hair types and textures thanks to its adaptability.
  • 40 Volume:

    Clients with very dark hair who wish to obtain very light blonde hues. They should use this developer in 40 volume because it provides the greatest lift. It utilizes occasionally, though, as it might dry out and damage hair more severely.

Understanding of the Ratio with developer:

Maintaining a 1:1 ratio of bleach to developer is crucial when using free-hand methods like balayage. This regulated ratio makes sure that the bleach mixture is thick and manageable, making it easier to apply it precisely without the use of foils. The thick consistency also helps you obtain the balayage's signature natural, sun-kissed highlights by preventing the bleach from spreading too far.

How the hair bleach help with copper hair? 

Dust-free hair bleach with a blue hue is your secret weapon if your hair has unwanted yellow and orange tones. You can produce the required cool or ashy blonde shades without extra warmth. Thanks to the blue tint in the bleach. It effectively neutralizes copper tones.

Managing Summer Challenges with the bleach:

One common issue hairstylists face during the summer is the swelling of bleach mixtures, causing them to overflow from the mixing bowl. This can provide unpredictable outcomes and a mess to clean up. Fortunately, Eazicolor dust-free hair bleach has been designed to combat this problem, making sure that your bleach combination remains controllable and manageable and how it helps to avoid problems of warm and humid weather.

Hair Bleach

How to use Eazicolor dust-free bleach?

To use Eazicolor dust-free bleach effectively:

  • Maintain a 1:1 ratio with the developer, keeping a thick cream consistency.
  • Protect your hands by wearing gloves.
  • Safeguard your skin from bleach stains by using a barrier cream.
  • Utilize a non-metallic bowl and brush for mixing the bleach.
  • Adjust the bleach-to-developer ratio as needed based on the hair structure.
  • Begin applying the bleach from the ends, gradually working your way up.
  • The processing time depends on the developer and the desired lifting level.


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