How to cancel yellow and orange tones from your hair?

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Hey! So you admire people with light hair? You are a fan of cool tone shades like blonde, ash, and mocha? Then what is stopping you? Probably the fear of getting a ‘’brassy’’ look isn’t it? Leave your worries right here because we are going to help you overcome your fear of getting a brassy look. We do have multiple solutions to get rid of the yellow and orange tones in your hair.


Just like our skin’s undertone pigment, our hair also has underlying pigments. Dark hair tends to have red tones, medium-colored hair contains an orange tint while light hair is usually seen to have yellow undertone pigments underneath.

What is a brassy hair look?

When you see your hair reflecting unwanted warm colors like yellow, orange, or red tones, you can call your hair brassy hairs. A brassy look is most noticeable in people with shade hair.

Yellow tone in hair

How can hair turn brassy?

Your hair can turn brassy while undergoing the coloring or bleaching process, especially when the underlying pigments are not neutralized. When you color your hair from dark to light, it has to meet several stages where the underlying pigments (red, orange, yellow) of hair is exposed. If your stylist doesn’t neutralize those underlying pigments, the end result of dying hair would be a brassy hair look.

How to detect the exact undertone pigment?

When you bleach hair, you see the undertone color of your hair. Dark hair of 1-4 levels usually has red tones. 5-7 levels of mid-tone hair tend to have orange tones. Yellow tone observes in 8-10 levels of light hairs.

Detect yellow and orange tones of hair

How to balance out the yellow red and orange tones?

You can balance out the unwanted cool tones through the process of neutralization.

What is the neutralization method?

Neutralization is the process of balancing out the unwanted red, orange, or yellow tones in hair that appear typically while lightening the natural hair color to avoid a brassy hair look.

Why neutralizing red, yellow, or orange tones is important?

It’s important if you want to achieve a lighter hair color look. Whether it’s a journey of going all the way from brunette to blonde or randomly getting ashy or mocha hues, neutralization is important to avoid a dull, brassy look.

How do we neutralize the undertone pigments?

There are many ways to do so, the simplest of them is using special neutralizing shampoos. Eazicare comes with special series of shampoos to help you get rid of yellow and orange tones.

  1. Balancing tones with shampoos

  • Purple tone Shampoos

Yellow tone reveals either on people who are naturally blonde, or those who go with 9 or 10 levels of lifting with bleach. This yellow tone can become an obstacle to achieving your desirable light-colored hair. For this problem, there are purple-tinted shampoos out there which help to balance this problem. Eazicare comes with its own Super silver no yellow shampoo, which ideally neutralizes the yellow pigment to help you get into the realm of your beautiful light-toned hair.

Violet Shampoo

Application: The shampoo is mixed with water to emulsify. You suppose to keep it on your hair for at least 7-10 minutes to get rid of the yellow tone.

  • Blue tone shampoos

Blue tone shampoos were made to cancel out the warm, brassy hues in the hair. Eazicare’s super cool no orange shampoo has a blue pigment in it which is great to neutralize the stubborn copper orange tones in the hair. You find orange tones in people who naturally have dark hair, or those who have applied metallic or henna color to their hair.

Blue Shampoo

  1. Balancing tones by lifting color from bleach:

  • High-lift bleach

Another way to get rid of copper, and orange tones is to lift more hair color through bleaching (Know the exact method of hair bleaching). Eazicolor dust free bleach is a blue bleach powder ideal for an orange tone. It can lift color up to 10 levels to give you your desired dye shade. It is especially good for metallic or henna-treated hair.

Eazicolor also offers bleach with plex which contains both blue and violet colors that is helpful in neutralizing orange and yellow tones. It can lift your hair easily up to 9 levels.

  1. Neutralizing tones with mixing colors:

Green, blue, and violet colors help in balancing out stubborn undertones.

  • Green pigment is responsible to balance red tones
  • Blue is responsible to handle orange tones
  • Violet is responsible to balance yellow tones

Key point: The more yellow, orange, or red tone is, the more inches of mixing colors you will have to add.

Method of balancing yellow tone:

It’s pretty simple. You are supposed to take the main ingredient which is your violet mixing color up to 4 inches. Add 30 ml water to it. Apply the mixture to the hair, and emulsify it by keeping it for 7-8 minutes in the hair.

Method of balancing red-orange tone: (for metallic hair)

You will have to take 4-inch green and 1 inch of blue mixing color. The stronger the copper tint is, the bluer you will have to add. Then mix 30 ml water in it then emulsify and leave it on the hair.

Method of balancing orange tone directly:

Add just one inch of blue mixing color in a 60 ml tube of base color and apply directly on the hair. Remember blue tint is stronger than other mixing tints.

Method of balancing yellow tone directly:

Add 2 to 4 inches of violet mixing color in 60 ml of your desired hair color tube then apply it directly on the hair.

For balancing yellow-orange tones directly:

Mix 1 inch of blue and 2-3 inches of violet mixing colors in a 60 ml hair color tube to apply directly on all of the hair strands.

  1. Balancing tones with hair color:

If you’re not sure whether to use shampoos, mixing colors, or bleach for fixing the yellow-orange tones, then you can consider balancing them by choosing the right hair color as well. Eazicolor comes with a range of shades that can balance the unwanted tones in your hair quite effortlessly.

  • Color options suitable for balancing orange tone

High lift Ash Blonde 11.1, Dark natural ash blonde 6.1, medium natural ash blonde, 7.1, and light natural ash blonde 8.1.

Eazicolor Ash Series

These shades have blue pigment in them

  • Color options suitable for balancing red-orange tone (metallic hair)

Light natural warm brown 5NW, Dark natural warm blonde 6NW, medium natural warm blonde 7NW

Eazicolor NW Series

These shades have green and blue pigments in them.

  • Color options suitable for balancing the yellow tone

Super platinum blonde 12.2

Eazicolor 12.2



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