What is Keratin Bleach | Why Keratin Bleach Is The Best Solution For Hair Lifting

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The search for the ideal hair color has never been more thrilling or accessible than it is today in the constantly changing world of hairstyling and beauty. Hair bleach is an essential asset that both professionals and amateurs have in their kit. It enables stunning color changes, ranging from delicate highlights to silvery colors. But one shouldn't sacrifice maintaining healthy hair in the name of beauty. Know about bleach with keratin, a wonderful hair lightening product that combines the nourishing qualities of keratin with the bleaching power. In this article, we'll go into the world of hair bleaching, examine the idea of keratin bleaching, and explain why bleach with keratin is a game-changer for hair color and hair care.

We'll go over its advantages, how well it works with various hair type, when and why anyone should use it, and much more. Perhaps you're a seasoned stylist or someone trying to up your hair game, join us on this journey to learn the techniques for transforming hair into something vibrant and healthy.

What Does Bleach Do and What Is It?

All you need to know about hair bleach is that it is an ingredient that is used to lighten or neutralize the hair pigment. The natural colors in the hair's pigments break down, resulting in a lighter tint, to accomplish this. For a variety of hair coloring procedures, including highlights, balayage, or getting a completely different hair color, bleach is a mandatory ingredient.

What is Keratin Bleach?

Keratin bleach is a specialized type of hair bleach that contains keratin ingredients. Keratin is a protein naturally available in hair, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining the hair's strength and structure. The keratin bleach is a perfect product to lighten hair with almost no damage. This is accomplished by keratinizing the hair, lowering porosity, and avoiding breakage during the bleaching procedure.

Keratin Bleach

What is Eazicolor Bleach with Keratin?

Eazicolor bleach with keratin is a unique and effective hair bleaching formula. It distinguishes itself by effectively achieving the desired bleaching results while also nourishing the hair. By filling in the gaps inside the hair shaft, the keratin components in this product reduce porosity and guard against primary breaking. After all, keratin is mandatory for hair. Eazicolor keratin bleach is a standout option due to its combination of bleaching strength and keratin care.

This keratin bleach contains violet pigments. The pigments might enhance the bleaching process by neutralizing undesirable yellow or brassy tones. It is a flexible option for diverse hair lightening needs because it provides a remarkable 8-level lift in the first application.

How To Use Eazicolor Keratin Bleach

Why do you need keratin bleach?

Bleach with keratin can cater to several needs:

  1. Nourishment:

    The bleach's keratin nourishes the hair, minimizing bleaching-related damage.
  2. Less Breakage:

    Because it prevents primary hair breakage, it is the best option for people with fine, fragile hair.
  3. Versatility:

    It may be used with varied activator volumes, making it appropriate for different hair types and color lifting requirements.
  4. Specialized Hair:

    It is advised for particular hair kinds, including fine, dry, brittle, negro, and henna-treated hair.
  5. Modern Shades:

    It's perfect for achieving trending hair coloring tones like silver, smoky grey, and ash.

Which Type of Hair Should Use It?

Eazicolor bleach with keratin is suitable for:

  1. Fine, dry, and brittle hair: It helps prevent damage.
  2. Negro hair: Especially due to its fine texture and strong pigment.
  3. Light colors: Ideal for achieving trendy shades like silver, smoky grey, and ash colors
  4. Henna-treated hair: Effective in lightening undertone pigments.
  5. Metallic hair: healthy cut down of metallic color and preparing for new color deposition.
  6. Chemical treated hair: Use Eazicolor bleach with keratin after treatments like rebonding or extenso to repair dry hair, thanks to its keratin ingredients.
  7. How to use with volume?

The choice of activator volume depends on the desired color lift:

20 volume: For a 6-level color lift.

30 volume: For level 3 and 4 lifts or strong hair structures.

40 volume: Generally not recommended as it may lead to dryness.

Why Keratin Bleach is recommended?

Eazicolor bleach with keratin is recommended because it offers a balanced solution between effective bleaching and hair care. Its ability to nourish hair with keratin, prevent breakage, and deliver impressive color lifts makes it a favored choice among hairstylists and enthusiasts alike.

Keratin Bleach

How to Use Keratin Bleach?

Are you wondering how to do hair bleaching? Follow the following steps :

  1. Put on gloves to safeguard your hands.
  2. Apply a barrier cream to your skin to prevent bleach stains.
  3. To make bleach, use a non-metallic dish and brush.
  4. Combine bleach and developer in a 1:2 ratio. The ratio can be altered based on the hair structure. (Read the article for proper guidance)
  5. Begin applying bleach from the ends and work your way up gently.
  6. This bleach provides up to 8 levels of lift.
  7. Because it neutralizes yellow pigments, You should utilize it when you wish to color your hair in shades that are comparable to ash tones

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