Plex Bleach: An Innovative Cutdown Powder For Hair Lifting

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Bleaching has been a transformative hair color procedure for decades, allowing individuals to achieve stunning, lighter hair shades. The traditional bleaching methods often came at a cost, damage and weak hair. In recent years, a breakthrough innovation in the world of hair care has emerged as Plex bleach. In this article, we will explore the world of hair bleach, its advantages, and why it's the go to choice for those seeking a hair transformation without compromising hair health.

What is a hair bleach?

In hair coloring procedures, bleach is a mixture of compounds used to lighten the hair's natural color. The pigments in your hair break down, resulting in a lighter tone. However, conventional bleach can be harsh on hair, leading to deterioration, breakage, and breakdown of the hair structure.

What is a bleach with plex?

Plex bleach is a groundbreaking solution that tackles the shortcomings of standard bleach. It is best for reducing the oxidation process and damage during the hair lifting process.

Plex Bleach

This revolutionary bleach may raise hair color by up to 9 levels while retaining the structure of the hair. It is something that traditional bleach treatments struggle to achieve.

Eazicolor Plex Bleach: A Revolutionary Product

Eazicolor has advanced hair transformations by making it easier to combine plex therapy with bleach. In the past, mixing bleach and Plex treatment by hand frequently resulted in inaccurate quantities and subpar results. Eazicolor eliminates the uncertainty with Plex Bleach. Ensuring that you receive the ideal ratio of protection to lightning strength.

Plex Bleach

How Does Bleach with Plex Work?

Bleach with plex is special for the reason that it contains a hydrolyzed protein that protects the hair's original bonds during the bleaching process. Weak or damaged hair is especially sensitive to further damage while bleaching, but this bleach helps to decrease this risk.

How To Use Eazicolor Plex Bleach

This bleach uses substances like hyaluronic acid and wheat extract hydrolyzed protein to build a protective coating on the hair when lightening the color. These components are produced from proteins that include egg and yogurt. These are hydrolyzed and added to the Plex bleach to protect and prevent the breaking of hair bonds.

Choosing a Suitable Bleach: Who Should Use Bleach with Plex?

Bleach with plex is an adaptable solution that we use on a variety of hair kinds and conditions. It's a great option for:

  • Highly Treated Hair:

    If you have colored, permed, or straightened your hair, it may have lost some of its natural moisture and strength. This bleach shields and restores weakened hair, resulting in less harm during the lightening process.
  • Damaged Hair:

    Hair that has been damaged due to overheating, exposure to external causes, or negligence is more vulnerable to further damage during bleaching. Because of its protective characteristics, this bleach is a favored alternative for people who have damaged locks.
  • Rebonded hair:

    Traditional bleaches can make it difficult to achieve the required lightening degree on rebonded hair. Bleach with plex, with the capability to protect and strengthen hair, is the ideal alternative for individuals wishing to properly lighten rebonded hair.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Bleach with Plex?

Eazicolor plex bleach comes with an innovative formula that no one put on the table before this. In the past, people thought that bleach was just a damaging product and it caused hair breakage and dryness. People always go for the Plex Treatment after the bleaching process because they know it is a healing factor.

Difference between plex bleach and normal bleach

We overcame that problem by adding the Plex formula to the bleach. It offers hair lifting and it gives strenth to your hair along with it.

  • Protection from damage:

    Traditional bleach can be damaging to hair, causing considerable damage, breaking, and breakdown of the hair structure. Bleach with plex, on the other hand, has been specifically engineered to minimize damage and keep the hair's connections intact. During the lightening process, it produces a protective coating, lowering the danger of breaking.
  • Versatility:

    This bleach is appropriate for all hair types; virgin (untreated), previously treated, or brittle hair, all can use it. For damaged or overly treated hair, traditional bleach may not provide the same amount of protection.
  • Moisture Preservation:

    This bleach helps to maintain your hair's natural moisture balance, which is essential for preventing excessive dryness and fragility. Traditional bleach can dry and damage hair by stripping it of moisture. 
  • Easy mixing:

    Eazicolor Bleach with plex streamlines the procedure of adding plex treatment to bleach. You may attain consistent and ideal outcomes every time if you follow specific rules and use precise mixing ratios. Traditional bleach frequently necessitates more guesswork, making it difficult to attain the desired results.
  • Coloring the rebonded hair:

    Traditional bleaches frequently struggle to attain the necessary lightening degree on rebonded hair, resulting in inconsistent or unsatisfactory results. When used in conjunction with the appropriate developer, bleach with plex can effectively lighten rebonded hair to the ideal shade.
  • Natural Bond Protection:

    Plex bleach contains substances such as hyaluronic acid and wheat extract hydrolyzed protein, which actively safeguard your hair's original bonds in the bleaching process. Traditional bleach lacks these preventive components which makes your hair more susceptible to harm.

How does Mixing Ratios affect bleaching?

You get the best effects from Eazicolor Bleach with Plex, be sure you use the correct mixing ratios. Here are some pointers:

  • To create level 9 hair, apply a 1:2 ratio of this bleach on hair that is 3 levels darker than your desired color.
  • Use a 20 volume developer with a 1:2 ratio if your hair is at level 5 or 6.
  • Avoid using a 40 volume developer since it wastes protein and may cause damage to your hair.

Here are the steps for using Eazicolor bleach with Plex:

  • Begin by wearing gloves to safeguard your hands.
  • Apply a barrier cream to shield your skin from bleach stains.
  • Utilize a non metallic bowl and brush to create the bleach mixture.
  • Combine the bleach and developer in a 1:2 ratio, but feel free to adjust the ratio based on your hair's condition and needs.
  • Commence the application process at the ends of your hair and gradually work your way up towards the roots.
  • Keep in mind that this bleach can provide up to 9 levels of lift, ensuring a significant transformation.

Plex bleach is a game changing innovation that empowers individuals to achieve their dream hair transformations without compromising hair health. With its protective properties and precise mixing ratios, Bleach with Plex is the go to choice for achieving stunning results while keeping your hair strong and vibrant. Say goodbye to the drawbacks of traditional bleach and embrace the power of Bleach with Plex for a beautiful, damage free hair journey.

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