What is a hair color developer | How to use Eazicolor developer?

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In the world of hair coloring, developers or activators play a significant part in changing hair color. We all love coloring our hair but have you ever thought about how hair color works on hair? What makes the color particles activate and get permanent on our hair shafts? The developers also called the activators that come with hair colors do the magic. The activator is a very important component responsible for triggering the process of transforming the color of your hair. Let’s learn more about the activators that come with hair dyes and what is their role.

What is a Developer?

A developer is a product that works together with hair dye to initiate the process of changing color. Hair colors made with colorless dye intermediates. The dying particles are present in an inactive form. They need an activator to activate the process and create actual color.

What is the role of a developer?

It is an active agent. It penetrates the hair cuticle and enters the innermost layer of hair, the cuticle. There and activate the dye intermediates. The activator then interacts with the natural hair’s pigment and the dye pigments to create the color. Its main role is to activate the process of hair coloring within the hair shaft.

What is a cream activator?

A cream activator is a kind of activator that has a thicker, creamy consistency. It is not like the traditional liquid activators. A cream activator is a specific formulation of the activating agent that we use in hair dye products. The creamy texture ensures better application on the hair strands. It plays a significant role in making the hair color long-lasting.

Eazicolor developer/ cream activator:

Eazicolor cream activator complements the professional Eazicolor hair dye line, delivering splendid multi-dimensional shading. When you blend it with Eazicolor's permanent hair color, it absorbs Chroma technology with omega-9 particles deeply into the inside cortical hair filaments. This ensures vibrant, enduring colors which fill each hair strand. The cream activator works like magic, leaving your hair smoother and shinier after the coloring process. It plays a pivotal role in the hair coloring procedure, making it a central component for achieving beautiful and lasting results.

Eazicolor developer


Why is there a need for an activator? 

There is a need for activators in hair dying because without it you cannot expect to see a change in your hair color. They activate the color molecules and control the permanence and intensity of the hair color change. Activators help to get the exact fashion shade you desire. There are different strengths in cream activators.

Hair Color developer


Strength of activators: 

Activators come in different strengths depending on the line of hair color. Eazicolor cream activator comes in four different strengths.

  • 10 volume
  • 20 volume
  • 30 volume
  • 40 volume

How does the strength of activators work?

Low volume activator could be used for toning or slight color shifts. Higher volume activators are used to get higher color lifts, especially while going blonde.

  • 10 volume helps to deposit color only
  • 20 volume is used to achieve a 1-2 level color lift
  • 30 volume is used to achieve a 2-3 level color lift
  • 40 volume is used to achieve a 3-4 level color lift

Pro tip: 20 volumes is ideal for grey hair coverage at home.

How To Use Eazicolor Developer


Advantages of cream activators over usual activators:

  • Better Consistency:

    Creating a smooth blend is a breeze with creamy-textured cream activators. These activators make it easier to mix with hair dye, resulting in a homogenous and consistent color application. The result? No more patchy or uneven hair.
  • Manageable application process:

    The application process kept clean and manageable with cream activators because they have a thicker consistency. It reduces drips and spills. This is particularly helpful for people who do their hair coloring.

  • Better moisturizing effect: 

    During the hair coloring process, cream activators contribute to enhanced moisturization. Unlike liquid developers, which tend to strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, cream activators work to preserve hydration. As a result, the hair feels softer and undergoes less damage after being colored.


How to use Eazicolor developer:

  • Select the appropriate strength of the activator based on the hair color change you desire.
  • Ensure to shake the bottle of activator well before use.
  • The usual ratio of activator to hair color tube is 1:1, but for high-lifting colors, you can increase the ratio to 1:2 (color tube + activator).
  • The processing time depends on the desired color and the strength of the activator.
  • After the allotted time, thoroughly rinse the hair with cold water and follow up with conditioning.

Eazicolor Professional Tube and Developer

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