Creative Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2024

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Have you ever wondered how your hair color can reflect your personality? If you are contemplating some creative hair color ideas in 2024 that suit your personality, might you go for a bold or vibrant shade that reflects confidence or opt for a subtle or soft shade that whispers elegance? People love to express their personalities through exclusive, subtle, and elegant ways. In this article, we’ll unlock the secrets behind creative hair color ideas of this year and how you can reveal your inner personality.

Identify your skin tone

The first and foremost thing is to identify your skin tone. So you can easily select your suitable hair color shade. Let’s do a vein test. Flip your wrist, if your veins are blue then your skin tone is cool. If you find green veins, it means you have a warm skin tone. And if your veins are both blue and green this indicates that have a neutral skin tone.

Creative hair color ideas

Are you excited to peruse your looks with charismatic hair coloring ideas? If your answer is yes! Then let’s unravel some creative hair color ideas with us that will be trending in 2024.

  1. Dark golden blonde
  2. Burgundy balayage
  3. Strawberry pink
  4. Dark copper blonde
  5. Funky Fusion
  6. Chestnut brown with blonde lowlights


  • Dark golden blonde

Dark golden blonde is going to be prevalent in 2024 for its versatility and ability to complement a variety of skin tones. Imagine a beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening. That’s the kind of vibe you get with dark golden blonde hair color. With the face-framing hair coloring technique you can add a touch of warmth and radiance to your look. So get ready to get a little bit of sunshine on your hair all year. This hair color idea can be a great addition to your 2024 wishlist.

Dark Golden Blonde with Money Piece


Preferable skin tone:

Dark golden blonde hair is preferable for any skin tone due to its versatility but it looks stunning on those having a warm undertone.


  • Burgundy balayage

If someone asks about the most demanding color in 2024, the answer would be Burgundy Balayage. Burgundy is a timeless shade that transcends the trends. It is a captivating and daring choice that adds a touch of confidence and sophistication. Get ready to embrace your inner beauty and rock a vivacious and beautiful hair color. This hair color idea can add glory to your hair in 2024.

Burgundy Balayage


Preferable skin tone:

Burgundy hair color can complement a variety of skin tones but it particularly looks stunning on people having warm undertone.


  • Strawberry pink

The delightful strawberry pink hair color also rocking in trend due to its soft and enchanting effect. Imagine a delicate pinkish glow on your strands. The strawberry pink color is a whimsical and playful choice to add youthful charm to your appearance. Whether you want to cover your full head with a one-tone coloring technique or opt for subtle and soft face-framing highlights with a money piece, this shade is sure to bring sweetness and attractiveness to your looks.

Strwaberry Pink Hair Color Idea


Preferable skin tone:

The strawberry pink hair color is suitable for those who have cool and neutral skin tones. For more guidance check the Eazicolor shade card guide.


  • Dark copper blonde

Dark copper blonde is in vogue for its natural and vibrant colors that add warmth and radiance to your hair. People are inclined toward more natural, subtle, and low- maintenance hues this year. It is combined with a rich copper tone with a touch of blonde. You can cover your whole strands to create a classy vibe or just highlight your strands with a ribbon balayage coloring technique to demonstrate a sun-kissed effect to get the beachy vibe. Cheer up with a seamless and eye-catching look that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Dark Copper Blonde Hair Color Idea


Preferable skin tone:

The good thing is that Dark copper blonde can match both warm and cool skin tones. The individual with having warm or cool skin tone can find it flattering.


  • Funky Fusion

Let us introduce you to some groovy trends of funky hair colors in 2024! Get ready to fill your summer with colors and unleash your inner child with vibrant eye-catching hues. From blue aqua green to red and daring violet, choices are endless. You can express your stylish personality through chunks of green.

Or if you want to show off your personality with multiple ribbons of colors, you can get this finish through ribbon balayage.

Funky Fusion Hair Color Idea

Preferable skin tone:

Funky fusion hair color includes bold and vibrant hues and may not suit everyone’s skin tone. Typically they work on people having fair and medium skin tones.


  • Chestnut brown with Blonde lowlights

Chestnut brown with Blonde lowlights is definitely a trendy hair color in 2024. It’s all about adding dimension and depth to your hair. This year's inclination is towards natural and delicate colors. Strands of chestnut brown with blonde lowlights fabricate a natural look to your locks. It is a perfect balance of light and dark creating a gorgeous and versatile style that suits any occasion. If you are looking for a trendy and sophisticated hair color, chestnut brown is a perfect choice!

Chestnut brown with Blonde lowlights

Preferable skin tone:

Chestnut brown with Blonde lowlight can go with any skin tone whether you have fair, medium, or warm skin tone.

Color suitability according to skin tone

Everyone has a different type of skin tone. Every skin tone has an aptness for different coloring shades.

Cool skin tone: 

According to our expert platinum blonde, ash blonde, black-brown, dark brown, and violet are preferred for cool skin tone.

Warm skin tone:

Individuals having warm skin tone can opt for warm colors like blonde, medium golden blonde, light red-brown, and copper.

Neutral skin tone:

Neutral skin tone is versatile and any coloring shade can be fitted with this tone. But the most recommended options are Chesnutt, golden blonde, chocolate brown, and red.


The Botton Line

When it comes to trending hair color ideas in 2024 there are so many options to choose. From ‘Funky Fusion’’ to strawberry pink, from Burgundy to Dark copper blonde and chestnut brown, the possibilities are endless. Each hair color offers its own unique flair and helps you to achieve your desired look.

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