How To Identify Your Hair Scalp And Deal With It?

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We all have heard occasionally from someone ‘’ I have tried many hair products but they don’t work on my hair scalp’’. This is because like different skin types require different products and regimens similarly different scalp types need particular hair products to ensure the optimal health and maintenance of the hair scalp. In this guide, we’ll pioneer the variety of scalp types and help you how to recognize yours. By understanding your type of scalp you can easily choose the most appropriate hair care products and routines to deal with specific concerns and promote overall health. Let’s identify your scalp type:

Types Of Hair Scalp:

  1. Oily scalp
  2. Acne susceptible scalp
  3. Dry scalp
  4. Sensitive scalp
  5. Combination scalp
  6. Normal scalp


  • Oily Scalp

An oily scalp is easy to determine. If an individual is bothered with greasiness and oiliness on his scalp all day even after washing his hair, he might have an oily scalp. An oily scalp occurs when the sebaceous gland becomes over-active and produces an extra amount of natural oil Sebum. This happens due to several factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, and even some hair products that can contribute to making your scalp oily.

Oily Scalp

There are some suggestions through which you can manage your oily scalp;

  • Keep your scalp clean with clarifying shampoo:

    Use Eazicolor anti-residue clarifying shampoo to eradicate excessive or unnecessary oil from your hair scalp. Our anti-residue shampoo is the perfect solution to remove oil debris from your scalp and also make your hair smooth and shiny.

    Product Image

    Eazicare clarifying anti residue shampoo is an innovative solution for oily and polluted hair.

    Price: 1690 PKR


  • Condition your hair:

    After washing your hair with clarifying shampoo, undoubtedly the next step is to condition your hair with a Conditioner. It transforms your withered hair into hydrated and vivacious hair. Eazicare Keratin Conditioner is the first choice that can add moisture to your hair. Its keratin ingredients adds elasticity and power to your hair while proving why keratin is so important for hair.

    Product Image

    Eazicare keratin complex conditioner comprises keratin amino acid which reestablishes hair texture and improves hair strength.

    Price: 1100 PKR


  • Use lukewarm water:

    Say no to hot water. Hot water can strip out the natural oil from your scalp and provoke Sebaceous Gland to release redundant oil. Make use of lukewarm water to keep your strands protected from unnecessary oil.


  • Acne Susceptible scalp

Just like facial acne our scalp also experiences acne. It can manifest as pimples, red lumps, and white or blackheads on the hair scalp. This eventuates due to the unnecessary production of natural oil, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants. Oily scalp attracts more dirt and dust, also when oil interacts with dead skin cells it clogs the hair follicles and creates build-ups. Which becomes a culprit of causing acne in the scalp. If you detect red lumps and pimples in your scalp you may have an acne scalp.

Acne Susceptible hair scalp

Some ways to deal with acne-susceptible scalp:

  • Use mild shampoo:

    Acne-prone scalp turns out to be very delicate due to inflammation and redness. Use mild, Sulphate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair scalp because harsh ingredients can split out the natural oil and make your scalp irritated.

    Product Image

    Eazicare Ph-6 sulphate free shampoo is a lightweight hydrating recipe that leaves the hair with a smooth and sparkly completion.

    Price: 1100 PKR


  • Regular wash your hair:

    Regularly wash your scalp with lukewarm water to eliminate excess oil, dirt, and bacteria that can contribute to acne formation. Also, restrict the over-washing, as it can discriminate natural oil and the condition of the scalp can be worse.

  • Use a substitute for hair oil:

    No doubt that oil is been used for decades to keep your hair and scalp nourished and shiny but unluckily it invites more dirt and dust and also creates build-ups in the hair scalp. But Eazicolor innovated a substitute for hair oil in disguise of Hair Serum. It has argon oil that ensures the provision of luster and gleam to your hair. Before that you need to learn the difference between hair oil and hair serum.

    Product Image

    Eazicare hair serum is a fluid-based treatment fabricated by natural mixtures like Aloe Vera and Argan oil that gives a defensive layer over the hair fiber helping with rehydrating, Frizz control, and giving your hair a smooth and sparkly look.

    Price: 1190-1950 PKR


  • Dry scalp:

A dry scalp often signifies itchiness, tightness, and visible white flakes in the hair scalp. These white flakes represent the skin type as well that's why we need to learn kinds of dandruff. The high PH level and low production of Sebum Oil which is responsible for lubricating the scalp, is the primary reason. It is also caused by some other factors like Cold weather, harsh hair products, or even some skin conditions. If you feel itchiness or any dryness in the hair scalp, you are likely dealing with a dry scalp.

Dry Hair Scalp

There are some recommendations for dry scalp:


  • Sulphate-free shampoo:

    Steer clear of other chemical-based shampoos and do an addition of Eazicare Sulfate-free shampoo to your washing routine to clean your dry scalp. It is formulated with Hydrolysed Keratin that cleanses and moisturizes your hair scalp.

    Product Image

    Eazicare Ph-6 sulphate free shampoo is a lightweight hydrating recipe that leaves the hair with a smooth and sparkly completion.

    Price: 1100 PKR


  • Moisturize your scalp with a Hair mask:

    As you may be aware, itchiness and dryness are initiated due to lack of moisture and high levels of PH. Eazicolor Hair Mask is developed with Aloe-Vera which helps your scalp to restore moisture and stabilize the PH level.

    Product Image

    This intensive deep repair hair mask helps to reestablish the hair structure and heals the damage done by chemical treatments.

    Price: 485-1860 PKR


  • Avoid over-washing:

    Dryness in the scalp also occurs due to over-washing. Limit your over-washing habit as it can strip out natural oil and exacerbate dryness in your hair scalp. Wash your hair at least 3-4 times a week according to your scalp need.
  • Keep your hair scalp hydrated:

    Dehydration can exaggerate the dryness in the scalp. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to hydrate your scalp.


  • Sensitive scalp

You may have heard about sensitive facial skin but our scalp also has sensitive skin. The sensitive scalp is identified by unpleasant sensations like discomfort, burning, pain, redness, and allergies by several hair care products. It is caused by extreme heat disclosure as heat styling tools or sun exposure and also by harsh chemical products.

Sensitive Hair Scalp

You can treat your sensitive scalp in various ways:

  • Use a gentle shampoo:

    Stay away from shampoos that have preservatives like sulfate and fragrance because they can cause irritation and allergy on your sensitive scalp. Eazicolor sulfate-free shampoo is gentle and harmless which keeps your scalp safe from further allergic reactions.

    Product Image

    Eazicare Ph-6 sulphate free shampoo is a lightweight hydrating recipe that leaves the hair with a smooth and sparkly completion.

    Price: 1100 PKR


  • Make use of Aloe Vera-based products:

    Aloe Vera is very beneficial for sensitive or allergic skin as it has natural soothing properties. Use products like Hair Mask that have Aloe Vera to minimize the sensitivity of your scalp.

    Product Image

    This extraordinary hair mask is an "All in one solution" for all of your hair problems.

    Price: 485-1860 PKR


  • Avoid harsh chemicals and heat styling tools:

    If you have a sensitive scalp check out the product’s labels before adding it to the cart to avoid harsh chemicals and also limit the use of heat styling tools like blow-dryers, straighteners, and curlers because excessive heat can aggravate your scalp condition. But if you failed to do so, you can learn how to take care of heat and chemically damaged hair.
  • Protect your scalp and maintain hygiene:

    Whenever you go outside cover your head with a scarf or a hat and also use Hair Serum to protect your hair from sun disclosure to prevent irritation. Maintain hygiene of your scalp through regular washing.


  • Combination scalp

If an individual has an oily scalp in some area or dryness in others areas it indicates that he may have a combination hair scalp. In other words, it usually refers to an aggregation of both oily and dry scalp. In combination scalp, the roots of the hair are oily, and the ends of the hair are dehydrated and dull. It happens because the Sebum is unable to travel down to the tips of the hair and remains in the roots.

Mix Hair Root

There are the following ways to manage with a combination scalp:

  • Clean your scalp with lenient shampoo:

    A combination scalp is a combo of oily from the roots and dry from the ends. Use some lenient shampoo that cleans your oily scalp and also smooths your dull and dry ends.
  • Maintain your scalp’s balance with a hair mask:

    Apply a hair mask on your hair scalp, particularly in the roots and ends to retain your scalp balance. It also helps in the nourishment and hydration of the scalp.

    Product Image

    Eazicare hair mask contains Aloe Vera and Argan Oil that provides extra moisture and flexibility to your hair.

    Price: 485-1860 PKR

  • Adjust your washing frequency:

    It’s important to regularly wash your hair scalp but it’s also necessary to adjust your washing frequency because excessive washing can make your scalp dry and minimal washing can make your scalp greasy.


  • Normal scalp

It typically specifies a scalp that is healthy and free from any abnormalities or conditions such as dandruff, itchiness, inflammation, or excessive oiliness. It has a balanced PH level, is properly moisturized, and has normal hair follicle function. If you have well balanced and neither too oily nor too dry scalp, let’s cheer up because you are blessed with a normal scalp.

Normal Hair Scalp

Maintain your normal scalp with these methods:

  • Sustain your healthy scalp with gentle shampoo:

    If you are fortunate to have a normal scalp then it is essential to preserve your scalp’s vivacity. To sustain your scalp’s health integrate gentle and keratin based shampoo in your hair routine.
  • Nourish the roots of your strands with a Hair mask:

    A normal scalp also requires proper attention and nourishment to continue its normality. Nourish the roots of your scalp with a hair mask.

    Product Image

    Eazicare hair mask contains Aloe Vera and Argan Oil that provides extra moisture and flexibility to your hair.

    Price: 485-1860 PKR

  • Keep your ends frizz-free:

    Along with nourishment it’s also important to keep your hair ends smooth and glossy. Furnish your ends by using hair serum to provide softness and sparkle to your hair. Moreover, you should keep a watch over your split ends. If split ends appear you should know how to take care of split ends who are making an impact on your hair growth.

    Product Image

    This hair serum adds a sparkling look to your hair while likewise making your hair more reasonable to give you the certainty that you need to sparkle the entire day.

    Price: 485-1860 PKR


The Bottom Line

Identifying your scalp type is crucial for proper hair care. Whether you have a dry, oily, sensitive, combination, or normal scalp, understanding its necessities is the key to luscious hair. Remember to listen to your scalp needs by hydrating it and with an appropriate hair care routine. Bu doing this you can keep your scalp happy and healthy.

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