Hair Serum Vs Hair Oil | Which One Is Best For You

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Hair plays a significant role in an individual’s appearance and personality. Everyone has an eagerness to get healthy and sustained hair. Vitality and sustenance of hair confides on products and hair care routines. Concerning hair health people are using different hair oils and hair serums. However, most of them struggle to understand the distinction between hair oil and hair serum. Let us help you figure out the solution to your confusion so whatever you pick, you pick with certainty.

What is Hair Oil?

Hair oil is a natural product extracted from various plants, herbs, and seeds. Different types of hair oil have been used for centuries to promote the health and nourishment of the hair. It includes hair oils such as coconut, mustard, and argon oil. These oils are highly concentrated in natural nutrients which provide deep nourishment to hair.

Hair Oil

Advantages of hair oil

Hair oil offers various benefits for your hair and scalp;

  • Nourishment and Moisture:
    Hair oil locks the moisture in the scalp due to its heavy molecules. Which provides deep nourishment and moisture to hairs. It also prevents hair from breakage and dryness. Unfortunately, hair oils performs these functionalities only and only if these are available in the purest form.
  • Strengthens hair:
    Some hair oils contain natural nutrients that help strengthen the follicles. They help in providing healthy and strong hair.
  • Stimulates hair growth:
    Certain hair oils are believed to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp which helps in enhancing hair growth. 


Why hair oils should be avoided

Hair oil is an ancient cure for hair to make it nourish and shiny. Hair oil provides numerous benefits but it has some disadvantages:

  • Stickiness:
    Over and improper use of hair oil causes greasiness in the scalp. Our scalp also generates natural oil called Sebum, produced by the Sebaceous gland. When an individual uses hair oil on the scalp hair becomes sticker and greasy.
  • Attracts environmental pollutants:
    Hair oil does not penetrate the scalp rapidly and it attracts environmental pollutants like dirt and dust. Which makes hair rough and dull.
  • Clogged follicles:
    Hair oil becomes a reason for clogged follicles. When pollutants are stuck in the scalp, they clog the hair follicles. Clogged follicles fill with bacteria which can cause pimples and swollen lumps in the scalp.
  • Weight on fine hair:
    Hair oil has thick and heavy molecules. An Individual with thin and fine hair applies hair oil his hair looks flat and unattractive.
  • Not suitable for certain hair types:
    Hair oils are very advantageous but they are not suitable for everyone. For example, if an individual with an oily scalp uses hair oil that enhances the greasiness.
  • Cause dandruff and hair fall:
    Excessive use of hair oil causes dandruff in the scalp which ultimately becomes a reason for Hair fall.
  • Difficult To Wash: 
    Removing the hair oil from the scalp is quite challenging. To completely wash out the hair oil, an individual uses extra shampoo. Which is also damaging to hair.

What is Hair serum?

Hair serum is a lightweight liquid-based product that is composed to protect and repair damaged hair. It contains ingredients like oils, and vitamins to enhance the gleam of the hair. It provides a shield layer on the surface of the hair and defends it from environmental pollutants and heat that emits from styling tools.

Hair Serum

Advantages of hair serum

Hair serum is a cosmetics product that offers several benefits for your hair including:

  • Non-greasy:
    Hair serum has a light consistency which makes it non-greasy and non-sticky. Due to its lightweight, it is extremely gentle on hair.
  • Frizz control:
    Hair serum helps control the frizz, especially in humid conditions. It makes your look smoother and manageable.
  • Heat protector:
    Hair serum contains ingredients that provide a protective shield on the surface of the hair. Which protects hair from the heat of styling tools.
  • Smoothness and shine:
    Hair serum does not penetrate the scalp. It produces a layer on the hair that adds natural smoothness and shine to the hair.
  • Prevention of damage:
    Hair serum tends to repair damaged and dry hair. It also prevents hair from further damage.
  • Protect from pollutants:
    Hair serum coats a layer on the surface which protects the hair from environmental pollutants like dirt and dust.
  • UV protection:
    Certain hair serums contain UV filters that protect your hair from damaging impacts of sunlight such as fading of hair color and breakage.
  • Substitute of hair oil:
    Hair serum is an incredible substitute for hair oil. Most hair serum contains an extract of natural oils that fulfils the need for oil.

    Hair Serum

    This hair serum adds a sparkling look to your hair while likewise making your hair more reasonable to give you the certainty that you need to sparkle the entire day.

    Price: 1190-1950 PKR

The Bottom line

Hair serum and hair oil both are proficient products for your hair. Hair oil nourishes, moisturizes, and stimulates hair growth but it also produces stickiness, attracts environmental pollutants, and is not suitable for certain hair types.  On the other hand, hair serum provides heat protection, smoothness, shine, and manageability to the hair, while also offering UV protection and frizz control. Ultimately, the choice between hair oil and hair serum depends on your concerns but incorporate the product in your hair care routine that is suitable for you.

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