Creative Hair Colors You Can Achieve With Blonde Booster

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In the realm of hair colors, the blonde booster serves a versatile role by providing a myriad of creative possibilities. With the ability to lighten hair, the Eazicolor blond booster opens the doors to a spectrum of colors and styles. From the soft whisper of hues to bold pigments, each shade offers a uniqueness and essence of individuality. In this guide, we'll assist you in exploring the boundless creative hair colors and sheer magic that awaits you to show your personality but initially, you need to know about blonde booster.

What is a blonde booster?

A blonde booster is a product that is used to lighten hair color, it can lift color 3-4 levels. By using a blonde booster you can achieve a lighter base hair color, which is essential for attaining creative colors. It helps to lift hair’s natural pigment and permits the colors to show up vividly. It clears yellow and orange patches from hair that are left after bleaching. Blonde booster helps to get a tons of creative hair color ideas.

Eazicolor Blonde Booster

A blonde booster is a product that is used to lighten hair color.

Price: 565 PKR


Here are some creative hair colors we can attain through Eazicolor blonde booster:

  1. Sky-blue hair color
  2. Copper Gold hair color
  3. Pastel  green hair color
  4. Parrot green hair color
  5. Pink hair color
  6. Purple hair color
  7. Aqua-green hair color

Sky-blue hair color

Do you like to disguise your hair in pure sky color, no doubt sky blue hair color is reminiscent of the pure sky on a sunny day? Imagine your strands dipping in the pool of sky and reflecting the pure essence of a summer day. It’s like your strands represent your style and grace, you can attain this sky-blue color with the help of Eazicolor Blonde booster.

Sky blue hair color


To paint your strands with sky blue color you initially need to prepare a mixture for it. Eazicolor professional tube 0.10 blue 30gm, Eazicolor blonde booster 0.00 5gm, Eazicolor developer 5 volume 35gm. You can customize the quantity of blonde booster according to your preferred shade because it’s a main ingredient.

Copper Gold hair color

If you want to transform your strands into eye-catching and dazzling hair and wondering about copper hair color, how about going for a yellow-copper hue? It demonstrates a warm sunset effect on your strands. Make your strands more attractive and highlight your features by using the face-framing money coloring technique with this yellow copper hue. It gives a classy and fashionable look to your strands.

Golden Copper Hair Color


Through Eazicolor blonde booster you can achieve this stunning color. Take an Eazicolor professional tube 8.44 copper 30 gm, Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 5gmEazicolor developer 5 volume 35gm. Apply the prepared mixture to your hair to get this stunning hue and don’t forget to do a strand test first. If you want a lighter shade you can increase the amount of blonde booster according to your desire.

Pastel green hair color

If you are fed up with a dark hue and longing for something light and cool. You may opt for a pastel green hair color through the Eazicolor blonde booster. This results in soft and delicate pigment that gives your strands a refreshing and unique appearance. This is the best choice for spring and summer.

Pastel green hair color


To achieve a refreshing pastel green hue take Eazicolor professional tube 0.99 Green 30 gm, Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 5 gm, Eazicolor developer 5 volume 35 gm, and prepare a mixture of it. Create a more seamless and natural approach by using the balayage coloring technique.

Parrot green hair color

Parrot green is a more dynamic and vigorous hue, as it shows up as cool and fashionable on the strands with bright shade. You can express your creativity by ribbon balayage coloring technique, which involves adding ribbon or highlights of parrot green color to your natural hair color. It forms a dynamic effect and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

Parrot Green Hair Color


Take Eazicolor professional tubes 0.10 Blue 15gm, and Yellow 20 gm and mix them properly. After this add Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 5gm, Eazicolor developer 5 volume 40gm. This creates a parrot green color, if you need a light shade of parrot green you can increase the quantity of blonde booster to adopt your desired outcome.

Pink hair color

How about trying a soft and delicate pink hair color? Pink is a delightful color and brightens up your appearance. Whether you opt to dye your entire head, or just integrate pink highlights, or use face-framing to enhance your beautiful features, through Eazicolor blonde booster this hue surely brings attractiveness and expresses your joyful personality.

Pink Hair Color


To create a pink color with a blonde booster you need an Eazicolor professional tube Red 10 gm, Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 20 gm, 5 volume Eazicolor developer 30gm. Customize the shade according to your preference with the blonde booster.

Purple hair color

Purple is a rich and bold hair color to choose. When it comes to purple you can modify this shade into lavender or lilac through Eazicolor blonde booster. It helps to lighten the shade and to make your strands more captivating you can create a gradient effect darker from the roots to lighter towards the ends. This transition adds depth and makes your strands look fascinating.

Purple hair color


To get unique purple hair color take Eazicolor professional tube Violet 30gm, Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 5 gm, 5 volume Eazicolor developer 35 gm. If you want to achieve a Lavender or lilac shade you have to increase the quantity of blonde booster to get light shade.

Aqua-green hair color

Do you like to coat your strands with ocean-inspired color and are worried about how to get it? Do yourself stress-free, because Eazicolor blonde booster makes it easy for you to attain this aqua-green hair color. Aqua-green combines with blue and lush green colors, creating a stunning and captivating look. Through balayage or Ombre, you can craft a dimensional and whimsical look or just rock with a full head of aqua-green hair color.

Aqua Green Hair Color


To decorate your hair with aqua-green hair color use Eazicolor professional tube 0.10 Blue 20gm, 0.99 Green 10 gm, Eazicolor 0.00 blonde booster 5gm, 5 volume Eazicolor developer 35gm. The shade of the color can be customized according to your particular results with the blonde booster.

The bottom line

Eazicolor Blonde Booster offers a variety of funky colors to achieve and many options to choose. Whether you want to splash sky blue or refreshing pastel green on your strands, or just craving something soft and soothing like pink, or want to be in the limelight with bold purple, each color has its own unique flair and helps you to show your style. So continue your journey of colors with confidence!

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