Hair Color | Eazicolor 11.1 in The Balayage Technique


  • Wash your hair.
  • Make primary sections for Balayage Technique.
  • Make a mixture of Eazicolor Dust Free Bleach (30g), Eazicolor Developer 20 volume (60 ml) and Eaziplex Bond Builder (9 ml).
  • Mix it clockwise and anti-clockwise to form a perfect and smooth mixture.
  • Make slices for Balayage Technique with Back Combing Technique and apply the bleach mixture.
  • Cover with the foil and wait for 50 to 55 minutes.
    Note: We have to achieve the level of 9 but it may vary according to the hair health and base tone.
  • After 50 to 55 minutes rinse the bleach off.
  • After rinsing wash the hair with Eazicare Super Silver Shampoo.
  • Make a mixture of Eazicolor Professional Tube Blue (1 cm), Violet (4 cm), 11.1 (60 ml), and Eazicolor Ton and Ton enhancer (5 volume) (120 ml).


  1. It’s a high-lifting color so 5 volume is a must.
  2. The mixture will be according to your requirement.
  3. Blue and violet color will neutralize the yellow and copper tone of the hair.
  • Apply the hair color mixture to all over the hair and wait for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off the hair color and then wash it with Eazicare Super Silver Shampoo.
  • Apply Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask for better results.
  • Blow dry your hair and enjoy the results.


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