9 Bad Hair Habits That You Should Avoid For Healthy Hair

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Our hair is a crown we wear every day, and it deserves the utmost care and attention. However, in our quest to look beautiful, many times we get involved in such hair habits that damage our hair. Sometimes, it’s out of carelessness, and other times it’s because we desire quick solutions. Consciously or unconsciously, either way, we must figure out the hair habits that we adopt which are slowly and gradually damaging our hair health.  From over-washing to relentless heat styling and everything in between, let’s expose these sneaky culprits that harm our hair's potential.

  1. Effect of Irregular showers on hair:

There are two categories. The one where you tend to take showers every other day. And the other is where you skip showers more often. Ask yourself do you fall under any of these? If yes, then trust us when we say that you are damaging your hair health by falling under either of the categories. Skipping on showers makes your hair and scalp health bad by the accumulation of dirt, pollution, and oil production whereas excessive showers make your hair parched by drying out the natural oils in the hair. Both these are bad hair habits. Wash your hair according to your hair type. For instance, if you have straight hair that tends to get oily soon, you must wash them off after every two days but if you have curly hair, taking a shower every three days will work well.

  1. Hot showers and your hair health:

No matter how much hot showers satisfy us, remember washing hair with hot water is a bad hair habit. Hot showers are a real culprit in harming hair texture. Hot water has the same effect on hair as heat styling tools. Both of them strip away the natural, essential oils from your hair, leaving them susceptible to damage. It opens the hair cuticle and sucks out the needed moisture. You should prefer mild or cold showers to maintain your hair health.

Hot Showers

  1. Importance of shampooing the right way:

We must have assumed in our childhood that the more shampoo we do, the more clean and beautiful our hair will get. Woah! That can result in a big hair disaster. You should use shampoo to only clean scalps and that too moderately. Harsh and chemically strong shampoos can easily damage the scalp’s health as well as hair texture. Consider adding gentle, chemical-free shampoos to your hair care routine to protect your hair’s beauty. Eazicare formulates ph-6 sulphate-free shampoo to give your tresses a gentle and warm touch.

How to shampoo your hair

  1. How rubbing wet hair affects hair well-being:

Hair habits like rubbing wet hair are bad because hairs when wet are in their most vulnerable state. Rubbing them can break them and also increase frizz, ultimately promoting overall damage. Use a cotton cloth to absorb extra water from the hair and let your hair air dry.

Hair Rubbing

  1. What tight hairstyles can do to hair:

Hair habits that involve tying hair in tight ponytails, or buns can be really damaging. No matter how easy, cool, and comfortable they look, pulling hair back tightly puts great tension on the scalp. This increases the chances of hair fall especially around the temples and hairline. Practice loose braids or loose buns instead.

Tight Hair Style

  1. How cleaning hairbrushes is important:

Ah! This is indeed a very common hair habit that almost every second person practices. Due to busy schedules, we often tend to forget to clean our hair brushes but this increases the chances of dandruff, itching, hair fall, and much more. As we brush our hair every day, the brush tends to collect a combination of dead skin cells, oil, residue from hair products, and other substances. Unfortunately, if left unattended, these particles can find their way back into our hair the following day.

Clean Hair Brushes

To maintain clean and healthy hair, it is recommended to clean your brush at least once a week. This can be done by using warm water and antibacterial soap. Afterward, make sure to remove any moisture by employing a hairdryer. By following this routine, you can ensure that your hair remains consistently clean.

  1. Why heat style hair with protection:

Using a heat styling tool can cause long-lasting damage if it is not used with heat protectants. A barrier is crucial to make before using heat on hair. There are many heat-protectant sprays, creams, and serums that you can apply to hair before styling hair. Styling hair is not necessarily damaging when you do it with enough care. Eazicare hair serum brings a lot of care. It forms a defensive layer over the hair while also hydrating the parched strands and giving them a shiny look, all perfect for your new hairstyle. Also, make sure to give your hair some rest from styling tools and try some cool heatless styles.

Hair Straightening

  1. Health reasons for avoiding cotton pillowcases:

As trivial as it sounds but trust us, this hair habit that involves sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is not healthy for your hair. When you keep your head on a cotton pillowcase, it sucks the moisture, and natural oils from your hair leaving them thirsty and dry. Another reason, it produces friction due to which the hair gets heated up and breaks. So basically, you must avoid it for the sake of your hair well-being. Pick a satin or silk pillowcase instead. This will save you from damage.

Cotton Pillow Cases

  1. Why not skip on hair conditioner:

Skipping on conditioning your hair comes under bad hair habits as it can lead to numerous undesirable consequences. Conditioning plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy and vibrant hair, as it nourishes and replenishes moisture in the strands. When you neglect this vital step, your hair becomes more susceptible to damage, such as dryness, frizz, and breakage. Eazicare formulates a keratin complex conditioner to give your strands a smooth and silky finish. It will also ease out the detangling hair process for you which will lead to smooth combing or brushing. Also, remember to condition your hair by taking hot oil massages. It will also improve the overall health of hair.

Keratin Complex Conditioner

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