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Factors that affect your hair color?

  1. Blood circulation
  2. Hair porosity
  3. Body temperature
  4. Room temperature
  5. Hair Health
  6. General Health
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Diseases
    • stress
    • thalassemia
    • Anemia
  1. Genetics
  2. Structure of hair
  3. Mixing ratio
  4. Selection of developer


  1. Blood circulation

If you have low blood circulation it will not only affect your hair but will also affect your whole body. Low blood circulation means blood flow to the scalp is very low which causes hair to fall. Good blood circulation is very important in depositing hair color because when blood flows through the scalp, the cuticle makes the heat glow which makes your hair color deposit fast.

Blood Circulation

Increasing blood circulation

If you have a major blood problem consult with your doctor. Otherwise, increase your intake of vitamin E. Eat spinach, avocado seeds, and nuts.


  1. Hair porosity

Hair porosity means the ability of hair to absorb moisture. The more you absorb the moisture the more your hair becomes beautiful. The amount of porosity determines how your hair adopts the hair color.   

Hair porosity is divided into three categories.

Low porosity: - In low porosity cuticles are close together. It is generally referred to as healthy and it is harder to penetrate as it resists the color process.   

Normal porosity: - In normal porosity cuticles are less tightly bound. It generally means low maintenance of hair and good for hairstyle, and good hair color result.  

High porosity: - In high porosity cuticles are more widely spaced.  It is caused by the wrong process such as over bleaching or the environment. Hair type like frizzy hair is a sign of high porosity. It absorbs hair color very quickly as the cuticle is widely open. High porosity hairs actually need treatment.


  1. Room temperature

Your room temperature can affect your hair color result. In dry climates, you need to ensure that the color does not dry out while processing by utilizing a plastic cap. In winter, make sure to color your hair in a hot place it will help you to deposit colorfast. The process of hair coloration during the summer is very fast but it is also important to maintain the room temperature in summer because the blasting of the hair dryer is very common. 

Room Temprature


  1. Body temperature

If you have good blood circulation it means you have a good body temperature and that helps your color to deposit fast because good blood flow makes the cuticle heat glow. As a result, hair color deposits quickly.

Body Temprature


  1. Hair Health

Hair coloration depends upon the hair’s health. If you have healthy hair it means that your hair color will stay longer in your hair. On the other hand, hair color leaves faster in unhealthy hair because the cuticle in that type of hair is always open and hair color does not deposit in that case.

Fine hair has the least thickness and generally is the easiest to process the color and therefore can be easily over-processed. So, that type of hair has a high risk of damage.  

Medium hair is considered normal and is a very common type of hair that does not require any special requirement while coloring.

Thick hair is stronger and has a thick cuticle. Thick hair types have a lot of hairs on their head and they are very hard to control due to their volume. It is very harder while coloring. It can be resistant to hair color and may little more when coloring. It also requires more product to cover the entire head.


  1. General Health

Before coloring your hair or your client’s hair in a saloon always check the history of the client like checking if they have diabetes, anesthesia, anemia, etc.

General health matters a lot, the person who has a bad health condition may not get the exact shade because the person who is suffering from thalassemia (it is a genetic blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal) may not get hair color due to the low blood circulation in their body.


  1. Pregnancy

 It is said to be safe to color your hair during pregnancy. Some studies have found that a high dose of hair dye may be harmful. Many doctors say that holding off on hair color until the 13th week of your pregnancy may not be harmful. During pregnancy, your skin absorbs a small amount of hair dye and a small of dye would be able to reach the fetus.   

How does pregnancy affect your hair?

Many women feel their hair thicker in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy this is not because the hair thickness itself, but because the hair stays longer in the growing phase of its cycle. This happens due to the change in the hormone estrogen.


  1. Diseases

Your hair can tell everything about your health, from stress to thalassemia, asthma to Anemia, or you have a hormonal imbalance. These are all the diseases that affect your hair and hair color.


Stress can stop your hair from growing or put your hair in a resting phase so they don’t produce new hair strands. Over time, your hair can fall out more easily. It can make your hair grey if you have stress for a long time by causing DNA damage, it can also reduce the pigment-producing cells in the hair which makes your hair weak and you cannot deposit hair color in that type of hair condition.   



It is a blood disorder that causes your body to produce less hemoglobin than usual. Thalassemia passed from parents to children means it is a genetic disease. When you have low blood circulation your blood cannot flow through your scalp which causes your hair to fall and your cuticle cannot produce a heat glow. So, you cannot deposit hair color in your hair in that situation



Anemia is a disease that develops when your blood produces fewer red blood cells. It is not a genetic disease like thalassemia. If you are suffering from anemia your body does not get enough oxygen-rich blood. This can make you feel weak. In Anemia, hair loses its texture because of poor blood circulation so hair falls start.



  1. Genetics

Genetic factors are responsible for the texture, length, and color of hair. Genes are responsible for hair color that comes from both parents. Some humans have hair loss because of genetics. Genetic hair loss is also called baldness.


Grey hair: -  Nowadays, grey hair has become a big hair problem. There are so many reasons for grey hair and one of them is genetics. This means it is common in your family genes. Check if your parents have grey hair coverage then it means it is genetic.

Fewer grey hair in both men and women is generally normal at the age of 25 or 30. However, stress, medical deficiencies, and medical conditions are also the reason for grey hair.


  1. Structure of hair

Fine or thin hair

If you have fine or thin hair the color deposit on your hair is very fast because hair dyes work faster on fine, thin hair. Fine hair tends to become dark or more extreme quickly. But, the problem is that fine hair doesn't contain color for too long due to its low hair porosity and thickness.

Fine Hair


Thick hair

Thick hair consumes more time for hair coloring and it is very difficult to color thick hair. Thicker hair uses more dye and you have to apply it in smaller sections to make sure you are saturating all of the hair. The cuticles of thick hair are also very thick so depositing color on it takes time.

Thick Hair


  1. Mixing ratio

The hair color and developer have a certain ratio of mixing. After mixing it is then applied to your hair.  When you can’t get your desire shade it is also because of the mixing ratio of hair color and developer. When you mix more volume of the color tube and less volume of developer then your hair does not get the exact shade.

The international ratio of mixing is 1:1 and 1:2 for high lifting color. 

Mixing Ratio of Eazicolor


  1. Selection of developer

A developer is a hair growth treatment product that prevents your hair from breaking. It is also called an activator and is mixed with the hair color to get the exact shade. The developer opens your hair cuticle which allows hair color to enter the roots of your hair.

Selection of a developer is very important because if you cannot choose the right developer for your hair color you cannot get the exact shade.

Selection of Eazicolor developer

Benefits of developer
  • Activation
  • Consistency
  • Color Delivery
  • Color removal
  • Better result.

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