How to achieve even tone hair color?

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You know your hair has an even tone hair color when it is giving a polished and cohesive look which is a dream of every girl. When coloring hair, everyone wants their hair to have a consistent and uniform hair hue throughout its length. Where there is no variation or patches of different shades reflecting. In this article, we will guide you through the essential knowledge for applying hair color evenly. But before that, let’s find out what an uneven hair color is and why it appears.

Uneven hair color:

Uneven hair color refers to a state where you apply hair color in a way that appears inconsistent and patchy. When you don’t apply or distribute the hair color properly, it results in areas with varying shades or patches of color.

Why do you get uneven hair color?

This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as improper application techniques, insufficient product saturation, uneven processing time, or using the wrong shade for your hair type. Uneven hair color can be frustrating and detract from the desired look, but with the right knowledge and techniques, it can be avoided. By avoiding some mistakes, you can achieve seamless and beautiful results.

Let’s figure out the major factors that contribute to uneven color tones:

  1. Previous color history:

If you have colored your hair before with any metallic color or herbal dye like henna, your new hair color will react differently. You must get rid of the metallic color pigments to achieve an even tone hair look. The remaining shade from the previous dyes forms a color cast or mixes with the new dye which leads to uneven tones.

previous history of uneven hair color


  1. Wrong selection of hair color:

If you have dark hair and you chose to dye your hair blonde, the gap is huge. Not filling this gap results in uneven color tones. Selecting a color that is the closest to your natural color is the ideal way to get even tone hair color. Going from really dark to light requires techniques like pre-lightening or cut-downs if you wish to get a harmonious, even tone hair color look. 

  1. Improper sectioning of hair:

Improper sectioning of hair will miss or not cover fully some areas of hair with the color. This will create patches or streaks where the original hair color appears lighter than the rest. Improper sectioning also causes color bleeding where color from one section spreads onto another causing undesired mixing of colors.

Improper sectioning of hair


  1. Inaccurate color mixing ratio:

If you don’t keep the ratio of the color tube and developer equal and don’t mix them properly, it can create uneven color. You must follow the instructions carefully and blend the mixture well before applying it to your hair.

Improper color mixing ratio


  1. Wrong application of color:

When you apply dye the wrong way, not within the proper timings, chances are the color will appear in patches. Uneven sectioning, Inconsistent emulsification, and incomplete coverage can all lead to uneven color outcomes. Taking the time to distribute the color thoroughly and paying attention to detail during the application process will contribute to a more seamless and even tone hair color outcome.

Wrong application of hair color


Tips and techniques to achieve an even tone hair color:

  1. Right selection of hair color:

It is important to select a good quality hair color and the right shade of it when you want flawless even-tone results. The appearance of patches or uneven tones is high when you use a cheap quality hair color. Opt for a good quality hair color that guarantees your hair’s safety as well. Eazicolor Professional’s hair dyes are an Omega-9 formulation that is made with chroma technology. It is safe and gentle on the hair with highly pigmented tints great for grey hair coverage.

Right shade selection on Eazicolor shade card

Secondly, try to stay close to your actual hair color shade as much as possible. Patches usually appear when you go more than two levels lighter than your original hair color.  The right selection of shade is especially important for grey hair coverage. For instance, if you have natural brown hair, you can pick Eazicolor Professional’s 3.0 dark brown or 4.0 medium brown with 20 volume to perfectly cover the greys. Opting for a really different shade than your actual hair hue will create a drastic difference between the root area and length ends. This will result in an undesired uneven result.

  1. Examine your hair:

If you have metallic hair and you want to dye synthetic color then you must cut down on the previous metallic hue to achieve even results. Do bleach wash on your hair. After bleach washing, you will notice the undertone pigments and dark patches somewhere on hair. Now, your purpose must be to achieve an equal level of hair color. For that, repeat the bleaching process with 10 volume. Sometimes, the previous metallic tint is quite stubborn. So if you still observe a dark patch after bleaching, pick a color shade that matches to that dark patch. Dye that dark patch with 20 or 30 volume and dye the lighter areas with 10 volume. Make sure to apply the color first on the darker area while also giving it more time than lighter ones. This technique will make your hair color even.

Hair Examination by Eazicolor Professionals


  1. Proper mixing of hair color:

Undesirable patches may occur when you have not mixed the color tube and developer properly. Take the proper ratio of color cream and developer, according to the instructions. Generally, it’s 1:1 ratio. Mix them clockwise and anticlockwise to create a smooth paste. If you are adding neutralizer, then first add neutralizer with color cream, after that pour the developer.  And make sure you make only this amount of color mixture that you can apply within 10-15 minutes. After this time limit the developer oxidizes and creates uneven, undesirable hues. If you are creating the color mixture two times, then remember to keep the mixing ratio equal to the first coloring mixture.

Proper mixing of hair color


  1. Right application of hair dye:

Do you know unevenness in the color and patches appear where the quality of color gets more? That is the very reason why the right application of hair dye is significant. If you apply more dye on some areas and little on others, it will result in a combination of dark and light hues. Then how should you apply the hair due? Let us guide you:

  • First of all, make sure your hair is not greasy or dirty. Fresh wash your hair and let it air dry.
  • Pick the hair in fine sections. Hold them with the help of hair clips.
  • You must apply color section by section.
  • Start applying the dye starting from the nap area, working towards the crown area. But if you have grey roots then first apply the color on the roots. Let the color stay for 15-20 minutes. After that, reapply the dye on the roots and make your way toward the length ends. Then let the color stay on all hair for 20-30 minutes. This technique will cover a hundred percent grey hair and also give you an even tone hair color.
  • After applying color, emulsify all the hair thoroughly. Emulsification is a very important step when desiring an even-tone, beautiful hair color look.


Pro tip:

If you have extremely long hair then make the color mixture three times with an equal mixing ratio to avoid oxidization of dye. First dye the length ends and let the color stay for 50-55 minutes. Then opt for the middle section, and let the color stay there for 35-40 minutes. For the root area, keep the color for 30-35 minutes. This technique ensures even tone hair color.

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