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Hair color fading refers to the gradual loss of pigment and vibrancy in dyed hair over time. When you color your hair, the dye molecules penetrate the hair shaft and bind to the hair's proteins. However, various factors can contribute to the fading of hair color.

Finding triggers of the problem is important to reach its solution. Let’s figure out some of the major triggers that can cause your hair color to fade and figure out its solutions.

Root Causes of Hair Color Fading

  1. Applying color on unprepared hair:

A major mistake you can make while dying your hair is applying color to unwashed, unprepared hair. To ensure a good deposition of hair color, make sure your scalp is clean. Clarifying shampoos works wonders in cleaning the scalp at a deeper level for better deposition of colors. They are stronger and more effective than regular shampoos. Eazicare clarifying anti residue shampoo removes the build-up of dirt, oil, or other greasy particles of hair products. It makes sure your scalp is free from all impurities and is clear for the successful deposition of hair color. This highly improves the effectiveness of the color you are planning to apply.

Hair Color On Random Hair

  1. Bad quality hair color:

When you pick a bad-quality hair color, it will promise to fade and cause damage. If you want your hair color to stay for a long period of time, you must quit using cheap hair dyes. Go for professional hair coloring brands that guarantee good work and are safe for all types of hair. Eazicolor professional tubes contain chroma-technology and Omega-9 formulation which is safe for hair and provides vibrant, long-lasting hues. They come in a vast variety of natural plus fashion, funky shades to give you the color of your dreams.

 Bad Quality Hair Color

  1. Improper mixing ratio:

If you dye hair without following the proper mixing ratio in the given instructions, it is going to affect your look. Mixing the color and developer into the proper ratio is extremely important to achieve flawless results. Always mix the developer and color tube according to the given instructions to avoid hair color fading. More quantity of developer will take the color towards dullness. While less quantity of developer will take the color toward depth. That is why a balanced and according to instruction ratio is important for getting good results.

Improper Mixing Ratio Of Hair Color

  1. Not giving enough time for deposition:

Your overall look will fade if you don’t give your hair color proper time to stay on your hair during the application process. Because this way the color doesn’t get its fair share of time to deposit in the strands. This can give you a fading effect. Proper timing is the key to achieving better color deposition. If you keep the dye on your hair longer than the instructed time, your hair will damage. And if you remove the dye earlier than the instructed time, the color won’t deposit properly, reflecting dullness. Let the color stay for 30-40 minutes, according to the instructions, then rinse it off and enjoy beautiful results.

Time For Hair Color Deposition

  1. Wrong choice of developer:

Selecting the wrong developer can ruin the expected color. Using the right developer is extremely important to avoid hair color fading. Seek for professional’s advice while using the developer. Because if 20 volume developer is required to get the shade you desire, and you pick 40, it is definitely going to dull the color effect. The right volume is a must for a nice, bright shade.

Wrong Choice Of Developer

  1. Using ordinary products:

Skipping on a color lock shampoo will slowly fade the shade of your hair making it appear dead. A common Shampoo will open more cuticles of hair which will cause the hair color to skip fast. It will make the appearance of hair color rather dry and dull. Opt for those products that are made for color-treated hair. Eazicare color lock shampoo prevents the shade of your color from fading. Eazicare color lock conditioner provides a good amount of nourishment that color-treated hair needs, and keeps the color locked in for long in hair strands.

Ordinary Hair Products

  1. Wreckless heat styling:

Using heated tools on raw hair to style them will cause more harm than good. It will damage hair as well as make hair color appear rather rough and dim. It will make your hair color skip faster. Don’t heat style your hair very often. Make sure to use protective spray or serums before you style your hair. Eazicare hair serum is made with aloe Vera and argan oil which acts like a shield on the hair. Using the serum before heat styling will prevent hair color to fade.

Hair Heating Tools

Solutions to stop hair color fading

  • Avoid direct sunlight:

    A sun bath can surely make your day brighter but it does the opposite to your hair. It won’t let your hair stay bright as the UV rays are pretty damaging not only to the skin but also to the hair. Apply hair serum while going out or cover your dyed hair with a hat or scarf to avoid color dullness.

  • Skip hot showers:

    A hot bubble bath is your hair’s enemy no matter how much you love it. Avoid it. Shower with lukewarm water or cold water to keep hair color fresh.

  • Use bond builders:

    Add EaziPlex Bond Builder to your hair dye. It minimizes the damaging effects which can later become the reason for a faint hair look. It also protects the bonds of hair.

  • Consider decolorizing:

    Suppose you want to convert your dark hair into a blonde or ash shade. You will get a dim, faded illusion if you chose to apply it without decolorization.

  • Get prepared for red color fading:

    Red color tends to skip the fastest. Try not to color your whole head with red if you expect to wear a look for longer period of time.

  • Try air drying:

    Blow drying every now and then will kill the shine of your hair. Air dry your hair to keep the hair color fresh.

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