12 Frequently Asked Question About Hair Color

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  1. Is hair color harmful to hair?

No, hair color itself is not harmful. Lack of knowledge, ignorance, improper use, and selection of hair color can harm hair. Synthetic dyes are healthy for hair as it does not lock the hair cuticle. Metallic hair dyes coat the first layer of the cuticle, blocking the air and water to enter the cuticle. The color becomes permanent and reacts with other future treatments increasing hair damage.

Synthetic colors are healthy. They let the cuticle wash and release any extra chemicals to prevent hair damage. Eazicolor professionals formulate Omega-9 chroma technology high-quality synthetic hair colors in aesthetic shades. The dyes are made by keeping the client’s hair health under foremost priority consideration. Bad-quality hair color and metallic dyes are damaging. The chemicals present in it can potentially damage the hair if used excessively or if proper precautions are not taken. It's important to follow instructions. Use high-quality products. Take care of your hair before and after coloring to minimize any potential damage.

Hair Color


  1. Is henna healthier than hair dyes?

Henna is not healthier than hair dyes. Henna is a metallic hair color that blocks the hair cuticles. It doesn’t allow the water and air to pass through the cuticle which ultimately damages the hair strand. Eazicolor Professionals produce synthetic dyes that let the air and water wash through the cuticles. This keeps the cuticles safe and lively.

Is Henna Is Better Than Hair Dye


  1. Does the hair go grey after hair coloring?

Hair turns grey when our hair follicles start to produce less melanin. Eazicolor professionals make synthetic hair colors that do not react with the hair’s melanin. It also does not block the cuticle layer like metallic colors. It has no link with the amount of grey your hair is popping. Grey hair appears due to hormonal imbalance, stomach issues, age, major diseases, or age. Synthetic hair dyes have no link with the appearance of grey hair strands.

Does hair go grey after hair coloring


  1. Do hair dyeing cause hair loss?

Hair dyeing does not become the main reason for hair loss. The use of bad-quality hair dye, improper application, and wrong processing time might cause hair loss. Improper application or leaving hair dye on for too long can cause scalp irritation, allergies, or chemical burns, which may result in temporary hair loss in the affected areas. Dying roots with proactive volumes also promotes hair loss. You should always color your roots with 10 or 20 volumes to keep up with hair health.

Hair Loss


  1. How to know if your hair dye is wrong?

You can figure out if your hair dye is wrong by observing the following points:

  • Uneven hair dye: If you observe uneven patches, some dark and some light stains on hair then it means something is wrong with the color application or formulation.
  • Brassy/Dull shade: When you see yellow, orange, or brassy shades than the expected tone, it means either the color selection or processing time was problematic.
  • Unexpected result: If you observe that you have got a really different hair dye than the one you chose, it means there’s a problem in dye selection, timing, or processing.
  • Hair damage: When you see your hair getting dry, brittle, and breaking, then there’s certainly something wrong with the quality of hair dye or the bleaching was too harsh.


  1. What to do if hair dye goes wrong?

If your hair dye goes wrong, the first thing to do is head to the salon. Show your hair to a professional to identify the actual problem. Usually, people face hair dye problems like uneven color shade, brassy hues, or hair damage. For uneven hair shade, the stylist will go for color correction. If the color has become brassy, the stylist will go for neutralizing method. And if the hair has become brittle and dry, it is recommended to take Plex and Keratin treatments

What to do if hair color goes wrong


  1. Can colored hair go back to normal?

Colored hair can go back to its normal state when you dye your hair with semi-permanent or temporary hair dye. Temporary hair dyes skip color with every wash. You get to see your original hair color in a few washes. Permanent hair dye alters the hair’s natural pigment. It is challenging to revert to your original hair dye state after dying hair with permanent hair dye.

Can Colored Hair Go Back To Normal


  1. What hair dye suits everyone?

Hair dye suitability depends on many factors that include skin tone, eye color, natural hair dye, and personal style preferences. There are certain shades like brown, caramel, soft black, and ash brown that tend to be more versatile and can complement a wide range of people. Eazicolor professionals come with some beautiful shades that tend to compliment wide skin tones. Some of the most-running and in-demand color shades of all time include:

  • Eazicolor 6.35 Dark Chestnut Brown
  • Eazicolor 7.35 Medium Chestnut Brown
  • Eazicolor 6NW Dark Natural Warm Blonde
  • Eazicolor 6.43 Dark Copper Golden Blonde
  • Eazicolor 5.43 Light Copper Golden Brown
  • Eazicolor 7.003 Medium Mocha Blonde
  • Eazicolor 5.3 Light Golden Brown
  • Eazicolor 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde
  • Eazicolor 5NW Light Natural Warm Brown
  • Eazicolor 6.00 Cool Natural Dark Blonde
  1. Which hair dye is the least attractive?

Attractiveness and beauty are subjective. What looks attractive to you might not look to others. The attractiveness of a hair dye depends on your personal style, preference, hair type, skin tone an environment. There is no such color as less attractive, all you need to know is how to carry a certain hair dye look.

  1. Can I color my hair again after one day?

You can color your hair again after one day in case of urgent need. Make sure your hair health is good to go through the coloring procedure again. Let your hair have some rest. Wait for 2-3 months before undergoing another coloring session if you want to keep your hair health strong.

  1. How long does hair dye take to settle?

It takes almost 3 days for hair dye to settle on your hair properly. The roots start to grow in three days. This actual color of the roots blends with the new dye in three days which gives a settling impact.

Time for hair color to settle


  1. Which shampoo to use after hair coloring?

It is better to use color lock shampoos or sulfate-free shampoos after hair dyeing. Both these shampoos have the ideal pH levels for maintaining healthy hair. Eazicare color lock shampoo is 6.5 in pH which creates a healthy pH environment for hair. Color lock shampoos lock the color to avoid fading and keeps the color lively for a longer period.

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