Metallic Hair Dye Vs Synthetic Hair Dye | Which Hair Dye Is Better?

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Hair color has become a popular form of self-expression. People are experimenting with their hair color to identify the best version of their hair look. They are transforming their appearance with different hues and embracing unique styles. Two very common hair dyes that people use include metallic and synthetic hair dyes. Metallic hair dyes enclose metallic salts that provide a metallic sheen to the hair. Synthetic hair dyes are colors that have synthetic compounds to form natural and fashion hues. Let’s help you figure out which hair dye is better to choose for your hair look and health.

Let us tell you some detailed truths about both type of dyes and how it affects your hair’s well-being.

  1. Metallic hair dye:

Metallic hair dye is a type of dye that leaves a reflective, metallic finish on the hair. Its formulation contains metallic salts including silver nitrate, bismuth citrate, or copper sulfate.

Color deposition of metallic hair dyes:

The salts in metallic hair colors enter the hair cuticle and block it with its tints. They interact with the hair's natural keratin proteins and produce a shiny effect for the time being. They deposit hair color and swell the hair cuticle. This gives the illusion of thick hair. Little do people know that the inner structure of hair weakens and damages when the cuticles get swollen. Metallic color doesn’t require any developer to work, it itself contains quite strong metallic compounds.

  1. Synthetic hair color:

Synthetic hair color has safe and organic ingredients that work together to change the color of your hair. The organic ingredients in synthetic dyes maintain the well-being of hair. They come in a variety of shades ranging from natural to bold and funky hues. Eazicolor Professional dyes are made with Omega-9 chroma technology and Vitamin E which helps to keep the color formulation safe and healthy on hair.

Color deposition of synthetic hair dyes:

Synthetic hair color penetrates the hair shaft and deposits the color molecules there. This results in a long-lasting vibrant color. These colorants usually come in the form of a cream, or liquid. It has a developer that helps in activating the synthetic compounds for color deposition.

Why you should use synthetic hair colors:

Synthetic hair color reaches the hair cuticle and leaves pigment there. It does not lock the cuticle or cover the layer of the cortex. Synthetic colors let air and water wash through the cuticle. This forces extra chemicals to come out of the cortex. Eazicolor Professional’s synthetic colors are made with huge care and responsibility. Its main goal is to protect your hair health and give you the experience of aesthetic hues.

Where metallic colors tend to damage hair, Eazicolor Professional’s synthetic dye keeps the hair healthy. It contains Omega-9 chroma technology and high content of vitamin E that work together to keep the hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. Eazicolor tubes have a very soft formula that prevents hair from damage that usually the hair color does. It doesn’t brittle the structure of hair over time. It doesn’t heat up the hair like metallic dyes. Eazicolor comes with 20 series of aesthetic hues that has the ability to fulfill your dream of pretty and healthy hair. It gives you the confidence to enhance your look without any fear. If you choose these dyes, you can reapply another color on the previous one if you desire a change of vibe. It doesn’t require cutting down the previous hair color to experiment with a new one. It’s quite a safe application procedure.

Why should you avoid using metallic dye?

Metallic hair colors are stubborn hues that do not come out of your hair easily. It creates a layer on the cortex of hair that doesn’t allow any other color to deposit its molecules there. If there’s a layer on the hair cortex, you can’t color your hair again with the desired shade you crave. The metallic dye gives off yellow, brassy, dull looks. You must cut down the metallic color to color hair again.

Metallic colors create a shiny layer on hair for the time being. The blocked cuticle doesn’t let air and water pass through it and remove the toxic chemicals. With the passage of time, the hair starts to get brittle and rough. Metallic hair is always weak from the inside and it often heats up when you try to color it again. When you try to bleach metallic hair, the texture of the bleach becomes watery and the color of the bleach also changes making it quite ineffective. It is better to avoid dying hair with metallic colors and save yourself from damage and mess.

How to change the color of metallic hair?

First things first, you cannot expect to go blonde in one go on metallic hair. It requires many sessions of lightening and coloring to reach a certain light shade. Changing the color of metallic hair requires lifting and lightening. High-level of cutting the color down is damaging so the technician suggests low-level lifts on metallic hair. Avoid highlights on metallic hair. You can go for baby lights as it requires less lifting of color.

Metallic hair is more prone to damage. You should lift the color only with 30 volume on metallic hair to avoid major hair damage. Some of the Eazicolor Professional shades that are ideal and safe to dye hair after cutting down on metallic hair include:

  • 6.0 Dark Brown
  • 6.00 Cool Natural Dark Blonde
  • 5NW Light Natural Warm Brown
  • 6NW Dark Natural Warm Blonde
  • 6C Cappuccino

Coloring hair after cutting down the metallic dye requires super hair care if you want to keep your hair healthy. Hair care major tips after this procedure include:

  • Use Bond Building Treatment:

Go for a plex bond-building treatment to repair the bonds that broke after dying hair with metallic dyes. Eaziplex bond-building treatment makes sure to revitalize the hair condition. It strengthens and repairs the hair bonds. The treatment stabilizes the hair condition and prepares the hair for the next coloring procedure.

  • Go for Keratin protein treatment:

Go for a keratin treatment after a month of coloring hair because we all know why keratin is mandatory for hair. It will infuse protein amino acids and fulfill the lost protein requirement into the cortex of hair. The treatment will transform the brittle, dry hair into smooth shiny strands. It will give you confidence and let you flaunt your beautiful transformed hair.

  • Take regular protein treatments at home:

Make sure to give your hair a boost with regular conditioning with protein masks. Eazicare intensive deep repair hair masks do a deep conditioning with aloe vera and argan oil extracts. It seriously hydrates the brittle texture of chemically treated hair.

You can color your hair again to achieve the desired shade without worry in the world. All you need to do is just follow these hair care tips for a safe re-application.

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