Permanent Vs Semi Permanent Vs Demi Permanent Vs Non Permnent Hair Color

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In the world of colors where a variety of hair dyes are available, choosing the right type of color is the key to achieving your desired looks. From long-lasting transformation with permanent hair colors, or subtle change of color with demi-permanent, just want to experiment with colors with semi-permanent and temporary hair color, each type of hair color has its own consideration. In this guide, we’ll discuss the distinction between them and help you choose the right type of color which suitable for your unique style and preference.

Types Of Hair Color

These classifications are determined by the lasting power of applied color, chemical composition, and the size of the color pigment in the product.

  • Temporary hair color
  • Semi-permanent Hair Color
  • Demi-permanent Hair Color
  • Permanent Hair Color


Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color is the type of hair color that penetrates the hair shaft and permanently changes the natural pigments of the hair. Permanent hair color contains ingredients that open the hair cuticles and help the hue to deeply penetrate the hair. Which provides long-lasting outcomes and is a great option for covering greys as it provides full grey hair coverage.

Permanent Hair Color

Eazicolor professional Tube is a permanent hair color tube that contains chroma technology and Omega-9 formulation.

Price: 565 PKR


Specialties of permanent hair color

  • Permanent color stays until your roots grow out.
  • It penetrates the hair shaft and alters the natural pigment of the hair
  • It requires a developer which helps to open the hair cuticles and deeply delivers the hair color which enhances the color’s durability.
  • It provides full grey hair coverage and is perfect for long-lasting results.
  • Permanent hair color offers a myriad of color options as compared to non-permanent and semi-permanent hair colors.


Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Demi-permanent hair colors refer to colors that slightly open the hair cuticle and a little bit penetrate the cuticles. It contains a very minimum amount of ammonia and requires a low volume of developer to work. Demi-permanent hair color lasts for several weeks and gradually vanishes with 24 to 28 washes.

Demi Permanent Hair Color

Eazicolor premium hair color kits for women is a demi permanent, non damaging, and regular hair color with Ammonia-free formula.

Price: 600 PKR


Features of Demi-permanent hair color

  • Demi-permanent hair color lasts for several weeks like 6 to 8 weeks
  • Without delivering the hair color in the cortex, it deposits the color onto the outermost surface of the hair shaft.
  • Demi-permanent color fades away gradually with each wash.
  • It helps to enhance your natural hair color.
  • It provides minimal grey hair coverage.


Semi-permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color is usually referred to as wash-out hair color that stays only on the surface of the hair and is effortlessly washed out with 6 to 8 washes. It can stay for some time depending on how often you wash your hair and add temporary flair to your hair without commitment to permanent results.

Features of Semi-permanent hair color

  • Semi-permanent hair dye washes out just with 6 to 8 shampoos.
  • It stays on the outermost layer of the hair and does not penetrate.
  • Semi-permanent hair color does not utilize a developer to work and it is just like make-up your hair.
  • It does not provide long grey hair coverage.


Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair color is also known as non-permanent hair color. Temporary hair color has large molecules that restrict it from penetrating the hair shaft and allow it to sit only on the surface of the hair just to provide pigment for a short time. It can be washed out just in One wash.

Features of temporary hair color

  • Temporary hair color lasts until one wash.
  • Due to its large molecule it doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft.
  • It can be utilized just temporarily to cover your hair with fashion hues.
  • Temporary or non-permanent hair color is a great option for a short-term makeover of your hair for special occasions.


Difference between Temporary, Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent, and permanent hair colors

 Temporary Semi-permanent Demi-permanent Permanent
Because of large particles, sits on the hair’s surface. Only coats the surface of the hair shaft and doesn’t penetrate Slightly penetrate the hair cuticle Deeply penetrate the hair cuticle
Vanishes in just one wash Washed out in only 6 to 8 washes Stays for 24 to 28 shampoos Provides permanent and long-lasting results.
Works without developer Works without developer Requires a low Volume of developer to work Works with a high volume of developer
Can’t be used for grey hair coverage Doesn’t provide any grey hair coverage Provides minimal grey hair coverage Ideal for full grey hair coverage


Which kind of hair color is best for you?

Generally choice of the hair color depends on the individual’s preference for selecting an appropriate type of color. But if you have a hectic schedule and won’t have much time for regular coloring then permanent and demi-permanent hair colors are perfect for you.

Try out the Eazicolor professional tube and Eazicolor Premium hair color. Eazicolor Professional Tube offers a variety of permanent hair color shades that provide everlasting outcomes and also deliver full grey hair coverage. Eazicolor Premium Hair color contains Omega-9 and Chroma technology, Omega-9 strengthens the feeble and damaged strands, furthermore improves overall health, and also provides grey hair coverage.

The bottom line:

For coloring your hair, the world of hair color offers different types of hair dyes. Some of them are permanent with long-lasting commitments, whereas some are demi-permanent and semi-permanent or temporary colors. All of them have their own unique outcomes and considerations. But you can choose any type of color that goes with your preference and choice whether you opt for permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent totally depends on you but your hair is precious, furnish it with durable and sustainable colors.

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