Eazicolor Dust Free VS Keratin VS Plex Hair Bleach

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Hair bleach is an important tool in the world of hair color, particularly for those who want to transform their looks by changing their hair color. A variety of hair bleaches are available in the market and Eazicolor also comes up with 3 innovative hair bleach solutions that open the possibilities for their user to achieve their desired look. But most people are confused about the difference between these bleaches, so this guide is going to clear all the confusion, which is hovering in an individual’s mind.

Types of Eazicolor Bleaches

Eazicolor offers three types of Bleaches:

  1. Dust-Free Bleach
  2. Keratin Bleach
  3. Plex Bleach

Working science of bleach

Before discussing Eazicolor bleaches, you need to know how bleach works on an individual’s hair. Bleach is an oxidizing process that lightens the hair by removing its natural pigment. Hair gets its natural hue from two types of pigments, Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. The abundance of Eumelanin gives black and brown pigment to hair while the efficiency of Pheomelanin creates red pigment in hair. Bleaching agents react with these pigments and neutralize them while striping away the natural pigment of hair and resulting in lightening the hair color.

Why hair bleach is necessary

Bleach is necessary because it helps to lighten or remove the previous dye and try new colors to change an individual’s look. Bleach allows a wide range of colors for expressing your personal style. Moreover, Bleach also delivers the possibility for vivid and vibrant shades, which is not possible on dark hair. So, it is an effective and important way to achieve a new flattering look.

Dust-Free Bleach

Eazicolor Dust-Free Bleach is an incredible product that offers quick and safe lift while being lenient on hair. During the bleaching process, it gently lightens the hair and helps to maintain the vitality of the hair while giving it a smooth appearance. Lets learn with a guide how it works properly.

Eazicolor dust free bleach

Eazicolor dust free bleach is an item that ensures extreme, quick, and safe lift (as much as 10 tones).

Price: 4690 to 5800 PKR


How does it work on hair?

Eazicolor Dust-free bleach is an innovative formula that ensures quick but safe lifting. It helps to achieve lightening up to 10 levels. During the lightening process, provides excellent results while protecting hair’s vitality and structure. It contains blue pigment which assists in neutralizing copper or unwanted tones.

Keratin Bleach

Eazicolor Keratin Bleach is a splendid invention as it contains Keratin ingredients. Our hair naturally has keratin protein which is responsible for hair’s strength, structure, and bounciness. Eazicolor Keratin bleach lightens the hair without any harm and also sustains the natural structure of the hair. A complete guide is available if you want to learn how it works.

Eazicolor keratin bleach

It diminishes the porosity of the hair shaft by occupying the unfilled spaces with the keratin complex, forestalls hair's primary breakage, and upgrades its resistance and essentialness with a 8+ levels of lift.

Price: 4690 PKR


How does it work on hair?

The molecules of keratin protein in the Eazicolor Keratin bleach deeply penetrate the hair shaft and nutrify your hair which makes the hair thick and nourished. It does not only assist in lifting but also helps in reducing the porosity of the hair by filling the gaps. Keratin enhances the shine and repairs damaged hair by providing elasticity during the hair bleaching process.

Plex Bleach

Eazicolor Plex bleach contains hydrolyzed protein that strengthens hair bonds. The hair that is already damaged and weak due to different chemical processes, hydrolyzed protein in Plex Bleach protects the hair from breakage during the hair bleaching process while retention the moisture of the hair. A complete guide is available about how to use Eazicolor plex bleach.

Eazicolor plex bleach

Eazicolor bleach with Plex is an innovative formula that assists with minifying the oxidation and pores of hairs during lifting. It can lift up to 9 levels.

Price: 4690 PKR


How does it work on hair?

Eazicolor Plex bleach has special ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Hydrolyzed Wheat protein. Hydrolyzed wheat protein contains Cysteine content which is naturally absorbent and helps the protein molecules deeply penetrate, which produces a protective layer on each hair strand that prevents hair’s bond from breakage during the bleaching process. After the bleach, hair becomes dry but the presence of Hyaluronic acid retains the moisture of the hair and prevents it from dryness.

The difference between Eazicolor hair bleaches

Dust-Free Bleach Plex Bleach Keratin Bleach
Lifts up to 10+ levels Lifts up to 9+ levels Lifts up to 8+ levels
The presence of blue pigment neutralizes unwanted tones Due to the blue pigment in it neutralizes copper tones It neutralizes orange tones
Perfect for any type of hair Perfect for metallic and henna-treated hair Perfect for virgin or chemically treated hair
Contains Dust-Free formulation Contains Hyaluronic acid and Hydrolyzed Wheat protein Contains Keratin ingredients in it
Due to its advanced formula, offers quick discoloration, with luster and softness Maintain the hair’s moisture and prevent it from dehydration Keratin provides strength and elasticity to hair
Sustains  structure of the hair while lightening the hair Protects hair’s bonds from breakage during bleaching. Minimizes the hair porosity



The Bottom Line

In this era of vogue, everyone desires to accentuate their looks by dyeing their hair strands. In dyeing, hair bleach is a main item, and keeping in view people’s demand, Eazicolor formulates three types of hair bleaches.  Every bleach has its own unique specialty, but one thing is the same, the priority is to maintain the vitality and dignity of your hair. So, pick any of them according to your consent without fear of any harm.

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