What Is A Hair Cuticle And How To Seal It Properly?

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The hair cuticle is a fundamental part of hair’s structure and plays a vital role in our hair’s texture and appearance. Understanding what a hair cuticle is and how to effectively seal it, is important for maintaining strong, shiny, and healthy hair. Hair care is not only nourishing and moisturizing hair, it also includes keeping an eye on alternation in hair structure and appearance.

What is a hair cuticle?

The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair shaft. It is made up of dead skin cells and overlaps in a scales-like structure. It provides protection to the inner layer of the hair. The main purpose of the hair cuticle is to protect the hair from damage and loss of moisture. A healthy hair cuticle lies flat on the hair shaft which provides a smooth and shiny surface to hair.

Hair Structure

Factors that can damage hair cuticles

There are some factors that can cause damage to hair cuticles and lead them to open:

  • Excessive exposure to heat

If an individual gives hair excessive exposure to heat like using a blow dryer, straightener, or curler, the emission of heat from these tools can cause the hair cuticles to open. When these tools are used in high-temperature mode, the outer layer of the hair becomes vulnerable. It opens the hair cuticles while leading hair to damage like split ends, breakage, and dullness. Avoiding the heating tools is suggested but if damage has been done learn how to take care of heat damaged hair.

Heat Exposure To Hair
  • Environmental pollutants

Environmental pollutants contribute to the damage of hair cuticles. Air pollutants such as smoke, dust, and particulates of dirt can cause keratin breakdown. These can accumulate on the surface of the hair and make build-ups. These build ups become a reason to open the hair cuticle. When the hair cuticles are open, the hair becomes more susceptible to frizziness and tangling. Any individual who wants to remove these build ups can get an Eazicare Clarifying Shampoo. It removes environmental and product buildups from hair with just one wash.

Effects of environmental pollutants on hair
  • Hot water shower

Undoubtedly, taking a shower with hot water is very relaxing but you need to know that hot can open the hair cuticles. When an individual washes his hair with hot water, it eliminates the natural oil that protects the hair’s outer layer and leads hair cuticles to swell and open up.

Hot Water Shower
  • Dehydration

Hydration plays a crucial role in the overall health of the body. When our body is dehydrated, it also affects the moisture level in our scalp and becomes a culprit in opening the hair cuticle. Dry hair is more prone to brittleness, breakage, and unhealthy hair cuticle.

  • Hard water

Hard water contains a high-level of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are so harsh on hair that they lead hair cuticles to open up. These minerals accumulate on the hair shaft and create build-ups. These build-ups give a rough, dry, and dull finish to hair.

How to identify open hair cuticles

A healthy cuticle is flat and smooth, so it creates a reflective surface. When hair cuticles are sealed and tight they act as a barrier to lock the moisture and stop the humidity from entering the hair shaft. On the other hand, if hair cuticles are unhealthy and open, hair appears rough and uneven. If an individual’s hair seems having lack smoothness and is sleek, it may be an indication of open cuticles.

Ways to seal hair cuticles

  • Use heat protectants

Excessive use of styling tools and much exposure to the sun can cause damage to the hair cuticles. Heat protectants such as hair serum can protect cuticles from damage. Eazicare Hair Serum is made up of natural ingredients such as Argon oil and Aloe Vera which provide a barrier between heat and hair shaft while sealing the cuticles of hair. Use hair serum twice a week, it keeps your hair protected and tightens the hair cuticles.

Eazicare hair serum
  • Keep your hair moisturized

Moisturizing your hair with a hair mask can help to seal the hair cuticles. Use an Eazicare intensive deep repair mask, which contains Argon oil and Aloe Vera. Argon oil is naturally made up of unsaturated fats that easily penetrate the hair shaft and seal the gaps of hair cuticles. The presence of Vitamin E in Argon oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair while boosting hair's manageability. Incorporate a hair mask in your hair care routine to moisturize your hair so the cuticles remain sealed.

Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask
  • Balance the scalp’s PH level

Normally our scalp has a 5.5 PH level, which is slightly acidic, and hair cuticles require a slightly acidic environment to remain close. If the PH level fluctuates, it forces the cuticles to open. So, it’s essential to incorporate PH-balancing products like the Eazicare keratin complex conditioner which has keratin amino complex and natural oils in it that naturally balance your PH level, and nourish your hair. It keeps hair cuticles sealed and bestows a smooth and manageable look to hair.

keratin conditioner
  • Keep your cuticles sealed with sulfate-free shampoo

It’s important to be aware of what harsh chemical shampoos do to our hair. It brings disaster to our hair and opens the cuticles which ultimately leads hair towards damage like split ends, brittleness, and hair breakage. Eazicolor sulfate-free shampoo is free from harsh chemicals and is very gentle on hair and the presence of Hydrolysed keratin repairs the gaps throughout the hair shaft and helps to seal the hair cuticles while minimizing the frizziness and improving the hair texture. It is standing at the top of the best sulfate free shampoos in Pakistan.

sulfate free shampoo
  • Use a wide-tooth comb

When an individual brushes his hair it produces friction which damages the hair cuticle. Using a wide-tooth comb helps to reduce friction without damaging the cuticle layer and helps to keep the cuticle sealed while maintaining the health integrity of the hair (Learn how to measure and maintain hair health).

Wide tooth comb for hair

The bottom line

Healthy and beautiful hair plays an incredible role in an individual's personality. However excessive exposure to heat, environmental pollutants, hot water, and dehydration badly damages the hair cuticles and makes them rough and unattractive. But understanding the importance of cuticles and how to seal them helps to maintain healthy and stunning hair. By following these guidelines such as using heat protectants while using styling tools, moisturizing your hair, incorporating PH balancing products in your hair care routine, and using sulfate-free shampoo you can keep your hair happy and healthy.

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