Top Most Common Problems about Hair Color

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Deciding to try a new hair color is the biggest step if you have never done a hair color before. There are so many doubts about hair color. Here are the top 10 most common mistakes about coloring your hair. 

  1. You haven’t got the exact shade
  2. Your color skips from hair too quickly
  3. Your grey hair is not 100% covered
  4. You were unable to cover grey hair in streaks
  5. You failed to cover grey hair at level of 8 and 9
  6. You failed to choose the right developer for fashion shade
  7. You made mistakes during bleaching process
  8. You used the wrong volume after bleaching your hair
  9. You are not getting ash tones
  10. Difference between common hair dye and professional color?


  1. You haven’t got the exact shade.

You are not getting the exact shade because your hair color level did not match your desired shade. The level describes how light or dark your shade is, and tone is all about the tint hair color gives off. So, match your hair level for the exact shade.

 Mismatching Shade

The second main reason for not getting the exact shade is undertones, we cannot get the exact the shade if our undertones are not neutralized so you have to neutralize your undertones to get the exact shade

Moreover, you cannot get hair color without lightening (bleach). Mix bleach with hair colors to get the exact shade.


  1. Your color skips from hair too quickly

A developer is an oxidizing agent which opens the hair cuticles so that the color penetrates the hair. If you put too much developer in your hair dye your color will be diluted which will make your hair color so dope and unstable that it will start to skip from your hair too quickly.

Faded Hair Color

Use Eazicare Color Lock Shampoo because normal shampoo may feel like they are getting your hair and scalp clean but the chemical in them ruins your hair color. Color lock shampoos are free of any chemicals that fade your hair color. So, use color lock shampoo for color treated hair. And make sure to add the exact developer with the accurate ratio in your mixture as you desired.

  1. Your grey hair is not 100% covered

Grey hair strands are pigment free and tend to be thicker than normal hair. Since grey hair has no pigments there is no need to lift. You just need to open the cuticle with clarifying shampoo then color your grey for a 100% result.

Uncovered Grey Hair

Do not use 10, 30, or 40 volumes for grey hair because grey hair usually has a thick cuticle.  Use 20 volume to cover grey hair. It is the standard developer for the grey coverage.  If you are not getting good results add pigment. For example, if you have hair of level 5 add red pigment to remove grey hair

Pro tip: Use intensive color to cover grey hair the number of series 0.00 such as 5.00, 6.00 are for the grey hair.

  1. You were unable to cover the grey hair in streaks

When we do streaks with the base we often generate 6 levels. So, we have to do 6.00 color root touching with 20 volume and add blue color (1cm). So, its copper tones do not cover its root and the roots matches its lengths.


  1. You failed to cover grey hair at level of 8 and 9

It’s very easy and simple. Do bleach to cover grey hair with a color of 10 volume so your hair can achieve the exact color level of 8 and 9 to cover grey hair. 


  1. You failed to choose the right developer for fashion shade

The Developer contains hydrogen peroxide which helps to open your hair cuticles. Without a developer, you cannot achieve the desired change in your hair color. If you want to get the best result, it is very important to use the right concentration of developers.


Choose the right developer
  • If you have level 4 hair and fashion color is also of 4 levels then you have to use 10 volume.
  • Lighten hair by 1 level and have grey hair coverage choose 20 volume.
  • Lighten hair by 2 levels choose 30 volume.
  • Lighten hair by 3 levels choose 40 volume.
  • For lightening, choose appropriate type of bleach.


  1. You made mistakes during bleaching process

Bleach is powerful stuff and that can be a good thing and a bad thing. It will damage your hair if you did not use it correctly. Before you grab your bleach take note of these mistakes.

  • Not following the instructions
  • Leaving the bleach for too long on your hairs
  • Forgetting to deep condition
  • Bleaching already bleached hair with 30 or 40 volume
  • You have used a mixture of bleach and developer that was formed a long ago.
  • You did not make a smooth mixture of bleach.
  • You have used bowl and brush other than plastic
  • You have not made the exact mixture of bleach and developer.

These are the biggest mistakes you do while bleaching your hair.

  • Follow the instructions by Eazicolor
  • Leave the bleach for the appropriate time and then wash it before it was too late. It depends upon different factors like body temperature, room temperature, and the developer.
    Developers with their average time:
    max time 20 minutes for 10 volume
    max time 30 minutes for 20 volume
    max time 40 minutes for 30 volume
    max time 50 minutes for 40 volume
    Note: Depends upon the level of lightning you want to achieve.
  • Deep condition your hair after the bleaching process with Eazicare Hair Mask or Eazicare Color Lock Conditioner.
  • Don't ever use 30 or 40 volume of pre bleached hair because they are too sensitive to afford these. Use 10 or 20 volume for this kind of hair.
    Note: Use Eazicolor Plex Bleach or add a few drops of Eaziplex bond builder in your bleach mixture to avoid damage.
  • Use a freshly made mixture of bleach and developer.
  • Make a smooth mixture of bleach by mixing it clockwise and anti clockwise.
  • Make sure you use a bowl and brush of plastic or glass.
  • Use a measuring scale for exact measurement.


  1. You used the wrong volume of the developer after bleaching

 You can only use 10 and 20 volumes after bleaching. 30 and 40 volumes will damage our hair. It can make your hair appear dull and dry.  So, avoid using 30 or 40 volumes after bleaching.


  1. You are not getting ash tones

The pigment in Asian hair is generally darker therefore, lightening it takes more time than other hair types. Getting ash tones on lighten hair is very easy but you cannot get ash tones on Asian hair without bleach. Use 7 or 8 levels of bleach to get exact ash tones. We can also use ash shade to take out cooper tones.

 Ash Tone


  1. Difference between common hair dye and professional color?

Common hair dyes are mostly metallic. Common dye has an issue in strength and quality. The actual color is very different from what is advertised in the box. This is the most common complaint about common hair dye. If you choose to treat your hair with common hair dye you won't get enough varieties while professional hair color makes your appearance more beautiful with a lot of options. Professional hair colors deeply penetrate through the cuticle which makes hair silky and looks glossy.

Common hair dye creates a layer of hair color around the hair. The layer closes the hair cuticle and scalp's pores which may result in hair fall. On the other hand, professional color contains enough moisture and ingredients like Omega-9 that makes hair shiny and healthier.

Common dyes have limited colors such as brown, red and black. However, with professional hair color, you can achieve any hair color you want such as ash, blonde, amber, or crazy hair like purple.


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