Purple Vs Blue Shampoo: Which One Is Best For Your Hair?

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Expressing individuality and style through colorful hair is a recent vogue. Maintaining its brilliance and preventing it from losing its luster requires special attention. This is where color oriented shampoos make their entrance. Purple and blue shampoos have risen in popularity, with blondes and brunettes being the primary users respectively. Join us on an all encompassing journey into the world of toning shampoos. Let’s examine their variations, advantages, and how to make an informed decision for your hair color concerns. We know that canceling out the unwanted tones from your hair is mandatory to get the perfect hair shade.


Why is there a need for purple or blue shampoos?

Undesirable undertones can develop over time. They compromise the vibrancy and integrity of color treated hair. Color toning shampoos; purple and blue, are designed to address this challenge and help to get the even tone hair color. They work to enhance and maintain the desired hair color, restoring a more pleasing appearance. Purple and blue shampoos are formulated to counteract these undertones. They offer an effective solution to maintain the intended hair color and achieve a more natural, vibrant look.

 Eazicare Purple And Blue Shampoo

What is a purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a type of hair care product specifically designed for people with blonde, silver, gray, or white hair. The purpose of purple shampoo is to help neutralize and counteract unwanted yellow or brassy tones. These unwanted shades can develop in light colored hair due to sun exposure, heat styling, and hard water. The natural oxidation process of the hair dye can also cause unwanted shades. Eazicare Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo is designed to transform your hair from dull, undesirable tones to fresh, lively shades. Its secret lies in the power of purple pigments. The purple pigments in this shampoo counteract and eliminate yellow, silver, and brassy tones. It also contains conditioning properties that help in nurturing and moisturizing the locks. Toning and hydration together make the hair vibrant and healthy.

 Purple Shampoo

How does purple shampoo work?

Purple shampoo works on the basis of color theory that purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. This positioning allows purple to effectively neutralize and cancel out the warm undertones. This results in a cooler, more balanced hair color.

Violet Shampoo

The purple pigment in Eazicare’s Super Silver Shampoo works by applying a small amount of color to the strands. When you apply it, the purple pigment combines with warm brassy tones and effectively neutralizes them. This process helps return the hair color to a cooler, more natural tone. It looks like the coloring or highlighting was originally intended to be done.


Suitable hair type for purple shampoo:

Purple Shampoo is specially formulated for those with blonde, silver or platinum hair. These hair colors are more prone to developing brassy or yellow tones due to the brightness of the color and its composition. People with darker hair usually don't need purple shampoos.


Benefits of Purple Shampoo:


  • Neutralizes brassy tones:

    The main benefit of purple shampoo is its ability to neutralize unwanted brassy or yellow tones. It can make blonde, silver, or platinum hair look dull or lifeless.


  • Rejuvenating:

    Purple Shampoo effectively lightens brassy tones and revitalizes hair color. It leaves it looking fresher and more visually appealing.


  • Prolong Color Freshness:

    Regular use of purple shampoo can increase the time between color refreshes. This allows people to enjoy their desired hair color for longer, saving time and money.


  • Enhancing Cool Tones:

    Purple Shampoo enhances cool tones in blonde or silver hair. This makes it look cooler and more natural for one's skin tone.


  • Tailor made care:

    Purple Shampoo is tailor made to meet the needs of blonde, silver, or platinum hair. It offers a special solution to maintain the beauty of these delicate shades.


What is a blue shampoo?

Blue shampoo is a type of hair care product that is designed to help neutralize and counteract unwanted warm or brassy tones in the hair. It is especially for those with brunette, dark blonde, grey, or platinum hair. Unlike purple shampoos for blondes, blue shampoos address specific tonal issues faced by brown hair. Using the principles of color theory, Eazicare Super Cool no Orange shampoo effectively neutralizes these unwanted undertones, resulting in a more even, cooler brown tone.

Blue Shampoo

The concept behind Eazicare Super cool shampoo is based on color theory. It contains Blue tint which is situated opposite to orange on the color wheel. And so the blue pigments in this shampoo can effectively cancel out the orange and red tones that can develop in hair. The unwanted tones develop usually due to exposure to factors like sunlight, hair color fading, or minerals in the water.


How does blue shampoo work?

Blue pigments in shampoo can cling to the warm or orange hues dark hair produces. By neutralizing these tones, blue pigments in Eazicare Super cool shampoo help restore hair color to its intended cooler and more natural state, improving the overall appearance of the hair.

Blue Shampoo

Suitable Hair Types for Blue Shampoo:

Blue shampoo is tailored for individuals with brunette, dark brown, or black hair shades. These hair colors often contain red or warm undertones that can become more pronounced over time. The blue shampoo is not suitable for blonde hair. It could potentially add unwanted blue or green tones to lighter shades.

Benefits of Blue Shampoo:

  • Neutralizes Warm Tones:

    The primary benefit of blue shampoo is its ability to neutralize and counteract warm, brassy, or orange undertones in brunette hair. This results in a cooler, more balanced hair color.
  • Maintains Richness:

    By toning down unwanted warmth, blue shampoo helps maintain the richness and depth of brown hair shades. It ensures that the hair color appears as intended.
  • Reduces Color Fading:

    Regular use of blue shampoo can help reduce color fading caused by factors like sun exposure and washing. The toning effect contributes to the longevity of the hair color.
  • Enhances Cool Tones:

    Blue shampoo enhances the cool undertones in brunette hair. This gives it a refreshed and natural appearance that complements the individual's skin tone.
  • Customized Care:

    Blue shampoo offers a targeted solution for individuals with brunette hair colors. It addresses their specific needs and challenges.
  • Convenient Integration:

    Blue shampoo can be easily incorporated into the regular hair care routine. The shampoo becomes a convenient option for those seeking to maintain their brunette hair color.

Choose the right toning shampoo for your hair

  • When to Opt for Purple Shampoo

Choose purple or Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo if you have blonde, silver, or platinum hair with unwanted yellow or brassy tones.

  • When to Choose Blue Shampoo

Opt for blue or Super Cool  No Orange shampoo if you have brunette or darker hair shades with unwanted orange or warm tones.

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