What causes hair growth to be faster or slower than normal?

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 Do you ever sit and think how some people tend to have hair that grows into perfect, long, luscious locks within a few months? While on the flip side, others struggle to grow their hair even an inch in months. Life here feels a little unfair right? You would want to know why this happens and if you can combat this struggle. Well, hair growth actually depends on many factors including genetics, hormones, diet, external factors, etc. So, let’s explore what causes hair to grow faster or slower than usual.

  • Genetics’ role in hair growth:

First things first, genetics is the main player that plays the most important role in determining the growth rate of your hair. DNA governs hair length, color, density, and growth stage. If your parent or grandparent had hair that grew at a rapid rate, chances are yours are going to behave the same way. And if they have struggled all their life to grow hair then you have to accept the fact. Even though you can keep the condition of your hair healthy and better by taking good care of them but the growth percentage will not magically speed up.

Genetic role in hair growth

  • Age factor in hair health:

Age plays a significant role in ruling the growth rate of your hair. The age between 15 to 30 years is known as the peak age for hair growth. Hairs between these age groups tend to grow faster. After 30 years, hair instantly starts to grow slowly. After this certain age limit, the hair follicles start to shrink and produce less and small hair with little pigment. This happens in both men and women.

Age factor in hair growth

  • Hair growth variation in gender:

The growth of hair also varies from gender to gender. Male hair tends to grow faster than female and this is due to the genetic makeup and hormones that dictate this growth pattern of hair. Males have more testosterone levels which is why they have faster and coarser body, facial, and head hair.

Hair Growth in different genders

  • Hormones’ role in determining hair nourishment:

Hormones play an important role in determining the growth rate of hair. Disbalance in hormones can cause conditions like PCOS or thyroid problems that cause massive hair fall. Similarly, during pregnancy, the female hormones are very balanced and in fact at their peak. The androgen level is high which increases the growth of hair. That is why you see ladies during pregnancy have thick, luscious hair. 

  • Seasons affecting the growth of hair:

Have you noticed how rapidly your hair grows in summer while the growth significantly slows during winter? Do you know why this change in season changes you’re the growth pattern of your hair as well? That’s because in winter, you stay dehydrated and your hair lacks moisture. Both the lacks slow down the growth rate of hair. While in summer, you drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and take baths frequently, and your hair stays moisturized which altogether promotes the growth status of hair.

Seaons affect the hair growth

  • Affect of diet on hair health:

There’s no doubt that a good, healthy diet promotes hair to grow faster while protein and vitamin deficiencies are identified as one of the main factors contributing to sluggish hair development. This is because the condition of your hair cells directly affects how healthy your hair looks on the outside. You deprive the hair cells of vital nutrients due to improper nutrition and hair care practices. Additionally, a vitamin shortage might cause hair loss. A healthy diet means food rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You should eat food to get extra hair care. These help in making your hair healthy and strong.

diet effect on your hair

  • Effects of medication on your hair health:

 Some medications have the potential to significantly slow down your hair's growth. These include, among many others, contraceptive pills, antibiotics, acne-related treatments, and supplements for building muscle. You should speak with a doctor and take appropriate action if you start taking prescription medications and immediately notice delayed hair growth cycles.

Effect of medicine on hair

  • Alopecia and rate of hair growth:

A very common hair disorder known as alopecia has characterized by sluggish hair growth. Alopecia knowns as unexpected hair loss with thinning patches on the top of the head. Alopecia can take many different forms and can be brought on by an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks its own tissues. According to research, this condition may have a major effect on one's hair growth. However, hair loss is the primary sign of alopecia.

Effect of alopecia on hair

  • Essence of Keratin protein in good hair health:

 Protein is essential for hair growth, as hair has made up of a protein called keratin. So, if you're not getting enough protein in your diet, your hair may grow slower than usual. On the other hand, if you’re taking in enough protein followed by the application of keratin-filled products, you will see your hair growing at a fast speed. To make your hair grow at a good rate, you must know Why keratin is mandatory for hair.

Keratin Protien

How a good hair care routine increases the growth of your hair:

If you're looking to speed up the growth of your hair, it's important to take good care of your hair to grow hair healthier and faster and avoid anything that could damage it. This means avoiding harsh shampoos, excessive heat styling, and chemical treatments, and using gentle, nourishing hair care products that are designed to promote healthy hair growth. Eazicare offers a full series of home hair care products that will help you grow hair at a rapid rate.




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